Bald Mountain Unitas in 360 Degrees

Immersive Bald Mountain & Mirror Lake

360 Adventure Hiking Bald Mountain, Utah

Bald Mountain is one of my favorite hikes, but my return trip up this year gave this area a whole new perspective and reason to LOVE this trail even more.  Bald mountain trail starts with a huge switch back, and you head to the very west or backside of Bald mountain, and then turn to go to the front or east side.  Just after you turn to head back east, there is a field of speckled rocks and grass.  It looks like something off a Scottish coastline.  It you just carefully wander out into that field, and just find a comfortable piece of grass or rock, this spot is fascinating.  I would suggest taking up a map that has mountain peaks and lakes labeled, and just sit there and try and identify all the peaks and lakes.  There are at least 20 lakes, and 20 mountain peaks we could find and put names on.  You are up over 11,300 feet, so you can see all the way from Mount Nebo, to all the Utah Valley Mountains, then to all the Salt Lake Valley Mountains, and then all the way out to Willard Peak by Brigham City from ONE SPOT!  It was something to behold that pictures will never capture.  Grab a map and a sandwich, and go have an amazing time puzzling out this amazing area from the ideal lookout spot. 

View West from Bald Mountain where you can see all the mountain peaks from Mount Nebo to the Willard Mountain Peaks!
View West from Bald Mountain where you can see all the mountain peaks from Mount Nebo to the Willard Mountain Peaks! At least 20 lakes, and 20 mountain peaks! 

If you can't get here today, the second best thing is to transport yourself here virtually.  This video has no motion, so it is safe for any viewer.  Just grab a VR Headset and search "ShaunasAdventures" on OculusTV, or YouTubeVR.   If you have an Oculus, you can also click on my Oculus Portfolio Link, and choose the adventure you are interested in, and it will appear on your Oculus Main Screen. 

2D Trailer Video of Bald Mountain that I did for the above Immersive Version

HINTS for Uintas.
💚Uintas have been hit super hard with the Japanese Pine Beetle, so many get super frustrated with this area that it is so ugly because over half the trees are dead.  If you can look past that, it is still a beautiful area, and I think it films still quite lovely, but some come and can’t see past the depression of so many of the trees being dead.  Know this is the case so you ca be prepare to still find the beauty. 
💚 Bald Mountain Trail is only 4-5 miles long, but the altitude makes it feel longer or harder, so don’t be hard on yourself if you need a break.  Allow yourself the time to not feel rushed and just enjoy the journey. .
💚Moosehorn lake has beautiful views of Bald mountain, but there is limited parking, so sometimes you just can’t get in to the lake.  In the spring there are Marsh marigolds on both the south side of the lake and the Northwest corner.  In the summer there are fields of a fun variety of wildflowers on the East side and in the north west corner.  You can’t walk around the whole lake here, but there are trails at least 3/4 of the way around. .
💚Lily lake is where the yellow lily flowers are at.  They bloom around Mid July.
💚Mirror Lake has a beautiful trail that goes around the entire lake that is easy to walk.  It has a beautiful campground on the east side.  Is it a busy lake, so if you want serene time here, you must be willing to go for the early mornings or late evenings or in the early spring when it is scary cold.  Sunrise shots are beautiful of Bald Mountajn. Sunsets you can get beautiful photos of Hayden peak from the south East corner. 
💚 Many admire Bald Mountain, but I think Reid’s Peak and Hayden Peak are even more stunning.  There is a trail up to Bald Mountain by Pass Lake that connects with the Bald Mountain, with view of Reid’s Peak on the way up.  Hayden Peak has a parking area to the trail to the top of Hayden Peak that has really beautiful views of Hayden Peak. 
💚 If you are looking for a beautiful spot to get a shot of Reid’s Peak, your spot is at Pass Lake.  Roam around the lake a little and you will find some great spots. 
💚 While your in the Uintas, never forget about Upper Provo River Falls.  No matter how many times you have seen it, it always is a pleasure to visit.  Take time to wander above and below the falls to find about a dozen separate falls.  Tone of the top falls has a great spot you can jump off a tall ledge and into the River.  

This is my first VR Headset Video here I did a year ago.  It is just stills from the video to avoid people getting nauseous, so it doesn't fill live, but some of the footage is beautiful, and the music is super fun.  

Bald Mountain by Mirror Lake in Uintas Kamas, Utah
Bald Mountain by Mirror Lake in Uintas Kamas, Utah

360 Video Hiking up Bald Mountain June 2020

Hubby heading down the trail
Hubby heading down the trail

While camping at Mirror lake, I had such am amazing view of Bald Mountain.  (Blog post of Mirror Lake ).  This Mirror Lake blog post is a very fun one, for I have a street view 

Link to Mirror Lake

 I was debating a few different hikes, but waking up to the sun lighting up this mountain was the decision breaker.  I was told it was a super long, hike, but it said is only 2.2 miles up and 2.2 miles down (probably really is a little longer than that).  The hard thing is the elevation.  The trail head is clearly marked. I headed out of the Mirror Lake campground and headed left, and then took a right on Bald Mountain Trailhead parking lot.

While hiking Bald Mountain, I had a beautiful analogy hit me.  You are so high, you feel like God looking down on the big earth.  This area has been struggling lately for there has been an invasion of the Japanese Beetle and it is killing many of the trees.  I think that is like us today.  So many people in the world are spiritually dying for they forget about God.  Some are trying hard amidst the constant struggle to keep spiritually healthy, to remember God, and to keep their spirit and soul at peace with the man upstairs.  I hope you can remember God in your life.  Love others, listen to your spirit and may you keep your spirit/soul healthy amidst the bugs that want to leave you like all the grey stumps of trees that pepper this forest.

360 Streetview Trail hiking up Bald Mountain

The peach colored rocks in a cool step fomrations with the deep green pine make for a great start to this hike.  I am excited.  This looks so much more interesting than I thought it would be!

Bald Mountain by Mirror Lake in Uintas Kamas, Utah
Bluebell Wildflowers - Bald Mountain by Mirror Lake in Uintas Kamas, Utah
Wild flowers are the bomb, but wild flowers that are tucked nice and perfectly in pretty rocks is just PERFECTION!  LOVE IT!  
This deep brownish red wall is really beautiful with all the formations in the rock.  

Bald Mountain by Mirror Lake in Uintas Kamas, Utah
White and Yellow Wildflowers -Bald Mountain by Mirror Lake in Uintas Kamas, Utah

I was surprised here how the rocks looked like Dalmatian puppies with all their spots, and the mountain was just covered with them.

Amazing Purple Flowers popping with the contrast of the peach rocks.  

Video Checking out all the Lakes around me while hiking up Bald Mountain

It is amazing how many lakes I can count around me from way up here.  WOW!  You can count about 20 from the west side, 12 from the south side, and another 12 plus from the east side.  It is amazing!
Here is just some of the Mountain tops we identified: Nebo, Provo, Cascade, Timpanogas, Twin Peaks Dromedary, Pfeirfferhorn, Ogden Canyon, Willard Peak, and Reid's Peak.  Lakes we identified were Lily lake, Lost Lake, Trial Lake, Washington Lake, Crystal Lake, Clegg Lake, Dean Lake, Notch Lake, Bench Lake, Reid's Lake, Kamas Lake and more our map didn't have names labeled for.  So fun!     

Bald Mountain by Mirror Lake in Uintas Kamas, Utah
Bald Mountain by Mirror Lake in Uintas Kamas, Utah

Bald Mountain by Mirror Lake in Uintas Kamas, Utah
Wildflowers on the Bald Mountain trail by Mirror Lake in Uintas Kamas, Utah

Cairn on Bald Mountain Hike by Mirror Lake in Uintas Kamas, Utah
Cairn on Bald Mountain Hike by Mirror Lake
There was about 6 amazing Cairns like this from this point on.  With all the rocks around they had to make them really noticeable and stick out, and they did that really well.  These are almost a work of art.  
Flowers on Bald Mountain Hike by Mirror Lake in Uintas Kamas, Utah
Flowers on Bald Mountain Hike
Here is a link to information and latest reports on the trail in All Trails. 


This Rock Cliff here is So cool. I love how it looks like it was put together rock by rock like bricks, and the view of Mirror Lake is awesome from up here!
Panorama of  Bald Mountain Hike by Mirror Lake in Uintas Kamas, Utah
Panorama of  Bald Mountain Hike

Panorama of  Bald Mountain Hike by Mirror Lake in Uintas Kamas, Utah
Panorama of  Bald Mountain Hike by Mirror Lake in Uintas Kamas, Utah

Video of cool Wall you walk by on the way to the Top of Bald Mountain

I found there lovely vibrant Indian Paintbrush in the nooks of the Rocks here.  


This looks intimidating, but there was firm rocks in all the right places, and look at those really is nicely cut out staircase leading to the top. It is very cool looking.



I made it to the top!  I was surprised that it was flat on the top.  Not sure why that surprised me, but the mountain is so round, I thought the top would be more round.  Second, the top is riddled with more Cairns, some might be GEOCACHES, but I thought maybe there is a trail that continues onward.  I was curious and looked it up when I got home and sure enough, there is!


Panorama of  Bald Mountain Hike by Mirror Lake in Uintas Kamas, Utah
Panorama of  Bald Mountain Hike by Mirror Lake in Uintas Kamas, Utah

Here is another link to another review of Bald Mountain by Visit

 Visit Utah link for Bald Mountain

If you enjoyed this Bald Mountain hike, you really should plan it into your summer.  It was fabulous!  If you would like to see more of this hike, your in luck!  There is so much more I have of this awesome hike.  Just click on this Bald Mountain Google Earth Link, then click on the little dude in the bottom corner, then any blue line or dot where you want to see more.

 Bald Mountain GoogleEarth Link


There is so much beauty around us, I am constantly amazed.  My highlights of my few days in the Unitas was Kayaking and walking around Mirror Lake


I had such a delightful time walking around the lake and kayaking in the lake.  Sunrise and sunsets were magnificent.  Loved it here.

  Hiking Bald Mountain was not super hard, but a rush of adrenaline being on such edges of the mountain side and awesome uniqueness in cool rocks formations that I have yet to see the like. 


 Upper Provo river was nice to explore more than just the first few waterfalls, and was a pretty hike the whole mile down river. 
If you are enjoying my blog, would you consider taking a minute to look at my sponsor links to earn me a few pennies to keep these posts coming your way.  The things I want with me the most heading into the Uintas are 1. An External GPS.  If you download the hiking and driving maps, it is so nice to help you not get lost.  2.  Campfire cooking tools.  3.  Some Fishing Gear, and 4.  A Kayak to guide around on one of the many lakes in the area.