Hidden Falls and Mill B Cottonwood River Trail

Hidden Falls, Big Cottonwood Canyon Utah

Hidden Falls & 

 Mill B Cottonwood River Trail in 360 Degrees

 Advice To How I Plan My Adventures...    ..even though Some of the Best Planned Adventures Have Hiccups.

When I plan a hike, I first go to All Trails app on my phone.  Today I wanted a waterfall hike so I added a filter to show me waterfalls.  Then I wanted something up in either Big Cottonwood or Little Cottonwood Canyon, so I added that.  Of course I wanted something kinda easy and something not too long because it is winter and it is a cold day, and I also want something that someone has done recently so I know if it really is a winter hike or not.  Hidden Falls was perfect on my list and someone did the hike the day before, so I knew I would at least have fresh foot prints to follow.

  After I get the hike picked, I start working on downloading maps.  Sometimes I download a google map of the area, often I download a map on All Trails, but I now ALWAYS download a map on GAIA GPS.  It has by far earned more trust points for me than any of the other apps.  After I download the map, I usually mark the trail route I am planning on taking.  Of course I make sure my external GPS receiver is all charged, and I have spare batteries and cords.  I had the Global Sat BT-821 receiver, but I lost it.  So I got the Garmin GLONASS one.  Both are great.  The Garmin one stays on better, but then I also sometime kill the battery for it doesn't turn off when not being used.    

Then I go through my backpack and make sure I have emergency stuff, my water is full, and I have food.     Basically, I try and do my homework before going and make sure I am well prepared, but even well prepared situations can have challenges.  
Big Cottonwood Canyon S Curve - Starting Point for many Trails
First challenge was that the 2 parking lots in this area are not plowed, so everyone is parking on the road on that sharp dangerous S curve.  Most people drive really slow around it, but getting a spot quickly when you see it and realizing that I had to drive about 15 minutes up the canyon to find a safe place to turn around would have been useful information to have before heading out.  Also you have to cross this very busy road, for unlike Lake Blanche, that goes South, Hidden Falls heads North from here.  So I had to stand there for about 5-10 minutes getting a little cold waiting for a safe window to cross.  I never did find a window, but luckily a nice person finally stopped for me.


Hidden Falls, Big Cottonwood Canyon Utah
So I get across the road, and check out my map, and I see the trail right there, but both my All Trails, and my GAIA are saying I am off.  :( So I walk up the road and I am not seeing another trail. I could tell on this map that the official trail did not get super close to the falls, but I also read that the person yesterday got pretty close.  Just then, I get lucky and I see a man heading up that trail I first headed up. He told me that the best route to Hidden falls was actually to the left.   So Hidden Falls, is only Hidden because the maps lead you astray.  Life can easily get like that, and sometimes even though we think we are doing the best we can possibly do, sometimes we end up in a situation we didn't plan on being in.  On those cases, talk to the Lord often, ask for help, and like my driving, don't be afraid to keep moving forward..things will work out in the end.  Just keep listening and asking for help. 
Hidden Falls, Big Cottonwood Canyon Utah


So I found a nice set of foot prints and heading to the left.  The hike to the trail is actually quite short, but there is a little stream you have to cross to get to the falls.  I first crossed to the left side and headed up, but the left side doesn't get very close, so I headed back and realized that there was another set of footprints that crossed back over to the right side and up.  This route got me very close to the falls.  When I had to cross over again, and it was a little stressful, for the stream was so snow covered you can't see it, but it is frozen over, and at least on Dec. 31 I could cross over on hard ice.  I just used my hiking sticks to make sure each step was hard ice and solid before walking.  Even if it did crack, it is a tiny stream, and if you have waterproof boots, your feet will still stay dry.  Up close to the falls there is this interesting area that almost looked like a slot cave, but there was not much back in there.  Directions would be go North from the Lake Blanche, Mill B parking lots across the street.  Turn LEFT, until you get to the stream, then just follow the stream up to the falls. 

Hidden Falls, Big Cottonwood Canyon Ut

360 Trail at Hidden Falls Big Cottonwood Canyon

The falls is in a little cove with tall cliffs on both sides.  There is a mine cave that has metal bars to block it off on the right side that you pass.  I was wishing I would have had my head lamp so I could have peaked inside.  
Hidden Falls, Big Cottonwood Canyon Utah

The Falls were a fun find, but I felt the ice hanging from the cliff walls was an even bigger reward. 

Gorgeous Icicles, Creepy Face..Hidden Falls, Big Cottonwood Canyon Utah 

360 Trail at Hidden Falls

I knew this hike would be short, so I planned to walk to the Mill B picnic area on the other side of the road while I was here.  This spot is a favorite of mine, and I was curious how it would look in the winter.  I was well rewarded for it was beautiful.  The trail is actually a paved trail, so the snow is well packed and it is easy to walk on without spikes.  

To check on current conditions of Hidden Falls trail click on the All Trails Link.


Lake Blanche Trailhead
Big Cottonwood River Mill B Picnic Area Trail 

Across the way is the beautiful mountains
Big Cottonwood Canyon  Utah

Big Cottonwood River Mill B Picnic Area Trail 

Big Cottonwood River Mill B Picnic Area Trail

Video Of Big Cottonwood Canyon River in the Winter

Big Cottonwood Canyon River Mill B Trail


I soon discovered that what I thought was the most interesting was the cool shaped icicles.  This on above hangs down on a pillar then has a disc shape on the bottom.  
The ones below almost look like tear drops with the bulb shape on the bottom.  
This last one almost looks like a sea creature with lots of tentacles on the bottom to move around.  

Of course this river has mini waterfalls all over for this river drops a huge amount over a very short distance.  In the spring, it is amazing how fast this river gets flowing. 

If you liked this area, and would like to see more in 360 degrees, just click on this Hidden Falls Google Earth Link, hen click on the little dude in the bottom corner, then any blue dot or line to see more.

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