Peek A Boo Loop Bryce Canyon, Utah in 360 Degrees

Immersive Bryce Canyon for VR Headsets 

Peek A Boo Loop 

Bryce Canyon, Utah in 360 Degrees

It is amazing how those winter blues can vanish when you get out to see the man upstairs GLORIOUS creations.  Finding a good winter hike that is inspiring and not drab can be tricky.  The amazing thing about Bryce canyon is the snow just makes it more magnificent!  The contrast of the white and deep reddish orange with the green in the pine is beautiful. The tall spires that try so hard to stretch to heaven inspire thoughts of wanting to also stretch to be the best version of yourself to please God.  Peek A Boo Loop is 5.5 miles.  It is labeled as hard, but the only hard section is the climb back out for you are a little tired and it is steep.  But if you just stop and take a breath when you are tired you can do it.
Wall of Windows Peek A Boo Loop Bryce Canyon Utah

2D Trailer Video for Bryce Canyon VR 360 Video on Oculus

VR 360 Video no motion of my favorite Bryce Canyon spots. 

Grab your VRHeadset, and join me on an adventure at the Bryce Canyon that will give you an awe moment in nature and boosts the positive chemicals in your body helping you be happier.  So enjoy some great nature therapy to help yourself feel better and happier.  Now just go grab that VR headset and Search "ShaunasAdventures" on OculusTV or YouTubeVR and enjoy some healing nature therapy in gorgeous Bryce Canyon National Park.  You can use my Oculus Portfolio link to download it, or to check out my Virtual Reality Oasis of Great VR Getaways.   


Wall of Windows Peek A Boo Loop Bryce Canyon Utah
The famous spot on the hike is the Wall of Windows.  It is a beautiful cliff wall that has arches or large windows in it.  It is a gorgeous spot and is best seen if you go clockwise around the loop.  Below I am walking towards the wall of windows.

StreetView Earth Trail on Peek A Boo Loop

This spot is beautiful, but if you are the type of person who wants to be closer to the arch, you might think about doing ARCHES HIKE that is also in BRYCE CANYON area.  It is a little bit of a drive, so I would do it as you drive in or out of Bryce, but it gets you right up next to the Arches.


This is a picture is the same as the video above.  It is the canyon you go through on the final stretch of the Peek A Boo Loop. 
Canyon from Sunset Point down into Bryce Canyon

Winter hiking is super fun, as long as you are PREPARED.  To be prepared, you need the following. If you are enjoying my blog please consider checking them out, for it sends a few pennies my way to keep these posts coming to you. Crampons, or spikes are crucial to having a great hiking experience in the winter.  It keeps your feet stable even on slippery icy spots. Pair this with the hiking sticks below and a jacket that is warm but not too warm and you are set.

The 360 trail below is descending some Switchbacks in Bryce.

Switchbacks into Bryce from Sunset Point.

The 360 image below is walking along the Cliff walls in Bryce Canyon 

I just love the white green orange color scheme in Bryce in the winter.  I went on a day that was suppose to be 30 degrees Fahrenheit, with 3-5 mile hour winds.  I put on 2 shirts, a sweater, and a couple of jackets, and had hot hand and feet warmers in my back pack ready to go.  I was surprised that I was too hot.  I took off the 2 jackets early on, and just enjoyed the beautiful blue sky.  I really caught a perfect day.  


One of the 2 tunnels you get to go through on the Peek A Boo Loop

Tunnel on the Peek A Boo Loop Trail Bryce Canyon
Tunnel on the Peek A Boo Loop Trail Bryce Canyon
There are 2 spots on this trail where you get to go through a tunnel.  They above is the first one. 

Epic Vista View coming out Tunnel on Peek A Boo Loop Trail
Epic Vista View coming out Tunnel on Peek A Boo Loop Trail

This area below is right behind me as I face the Wall of Windows.  It is interesting the almost yellow beige type coloring here when everything else around is orange and reds. There is also 2 cave like holes that are the beginnings of an arch.

Bryce Canyon National Park Peek A Boo Loop Trail Head Sign Utah
Here is the trail head sign for the loop.  You want to go clockwise around so you can get the best views of the Walls of Windows.  There is 2 entrance points.  You can either start from Bryce Point (But that is currently closed), or Sunset Point (which is where I started). Both are about a mile, then you hit the loop, but they start the loop on opposite sides of each other.

Hoodoo In Bryce Canyon National Park Peek A Boo Loop Utah

Here you can see the side of the Hoodoos or spires in comparison to a person to get size.


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I find after doing an amazing Bryce Canyon hike, I have enjoyed the hikes immensely, but I am ready for something different.  Willis Creek is not that long of a drive away, and is totally different.  I talked to many people on this hike that said this was their favorite in the area.  I think it is because of the fun creek you either walk in, or are creatively trying to figure out how to dodge,  the amazing size and scope of the slot canyon, and just how incredibly beautiful it is. It is hard not to feel really connected with the hike with the canyon walls being so close.

Island in the Sky is an amazing adventure that feels like you just stepped out of a Studio Ghibli movie.  It really feels like you are on an Island in the Sky as you look out off the cliffs and see birds flying below you.  Fabulous.

A photographers favorite in the early morning light.

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