Arches Trail Hike in Dixie National Forest by Bryce Canyon in 360 Degrees


Arches Trail Dixie National Forest
Arches Trail Dixie National Forest

Arches Trail Hike 
in Dixie National Forest close to Bryce Canyon in 360 Degrees

This Arches Trail is close to Bryce Canyon National Park, but officially it is in the Dixie National Forest. It is just about 30 minutes west of Bryce Canyon down Losee Road. 
2D Trailer Video for VR Nature Vacation

The easiest way to transport yourself to join me at Arches Trail is to type ShaunasAdventures in the search bar on the main Oculus Screen, and then scroll over until you find the video.  You can also use my Oculus Portfolio Link

2D Trailer Video for Arches Trail

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Throw on your VR Headset and join me on the Arches Trail in Dixie National Forest.

Arch in Arches Hike in Bryce Canyon off Losee Road close to Panquich, Utah
Arch in Arches Hike in Bryce Canyon

Hubby and I at one of the Arches in Dixie National Forest.

ARCHES HIKE in Dixie National Forest (NOT Arches National Park)

This Arches is not to be confused with Arches National Park, for this is about 30 minutes prior to the entrance of Bryce Canyon Park.  It is officially in Panquich, Utah and is part of Red Canyon in one of the 3 sections of Dixie National Forest in Utah.  This is a great kick off to a trip down to Bryce.  It is a short hike (only 0.6 miles), but unlike many national park trails it encourages going down the spur trails to explore and almost says "please come get close to me" for all the cool formations.  The parking lot has been used to camp in for a few travelers, and there are no signs against it.  To get here, you turn on Losee road before Red Canyon, and travel down only a few miles until you see a road on the right and sign for Losee Canyon. It is a dirt road, and it does have washboards, but no crazy rocks making it too hard to handle.

 Arches trail shares this paring lot with Losee trail.  You can see the trail for Arches well marked on the left as you enter the parking lot.  There are so many fun beautiful things here on the Arches trail but here are a few of my favorites.

360 Trail at one of the Arches on Arches trail.

This formation above is just unique in so many ways.  You got orange hoodoos mixed with arches mixed with a flavor of almost looking like a family of squirrels in a row.  Great picture spot, and it is cool from so many angles.


This is just a splendid arch.  I like it better than the famous arch on Fairlyland Loop Trail for you can get right up and personal with it.  Fairyland is still a wonderful hike, and I still would highly recommend it, but if your main goal is to see the Fairlylands famous arch, then this one is better.
When you are done with this post, click on this link to check out Fairyland.  
Link to Fairyland Trail

Here is a 360 Sphere walk around the arch above.
Me and my sweet hiking Buddy. 

There is this area that has these cool stairs, from below at times I wondered if it was a cage, or a mine, but no...just cool stairs to help me navigate the trail.

There are cool spur trails that leads to cool overlooks, and holes in rocks, and fun little adventures off the main path.

View Looking Down Seeing a Cave on Arches Hike in Bryce Canyon
View Looking Down Seeing a Cave on Arches Hike in Bryce Canyon
Look all around for cool caves, arches, holes through rocks, for the abound here just waiting to be spotted. 

If you are curious about this area and want even more information, here is 2 great websites with more information about this hike.  

Interesting Cliffs on Arches Hike in Bryce Canyon Utah
Interesting Cliffs on Arches Hike in Bryce Canyon Utah

Spiral Scorched Tree Trunk (Is this caused from Lightening?) Arches Hike Bryce Canyon Utah
Spiral Scorched Tree Trunk (Is this caused from Lightening?)

I saw 2 of these funky tree remnants while down in Bryce.  They are just so unique having the trunk spiral up and then they look like they were struck by lightening.  It looks like a massive Harry Potter Wand for a Giant just waiting to be plucked.  :)

This trail was fun, for you got to get right up close to the arches.  It had a definite trail, but it also had lots of spur trails that were fun to wander on.  It had a cool hut, and the stairs with the railroad ties looked likes mines, and the contrast of the red and the green was very pretty.  

This was a great hike.  I would recommend pairing it with Fairyland Loop (see link)
Link to Fairyland

 and then Willis Creek Slot Canyon.
Link to Willis Creek Slot Canyon

I think having a Cooling Towel to Cool you down after hiking in the heat, and of course a backpack that has a water bladder would be awesome helps when you are hiking this kind of hike.