Fairyland Loop Bryce Canyon Utah in 360 Degrees


Fairyland Loop 
Bryce Canyon Utah in 360 Degrees

Trailer Video for VR 360 Experience for Fairyland and the Rim Trail in the Winter

If you would like to transport yourself here to enjoy this area virtually, just grab a VR Headset and type ShaunasAdventures in your main Oculus Screen, or YouTubeVR.  This is a wonderful Nature Therapy to boost the positive chemicals in your body and fight off depression.  You can also get to this Video using my Oculus Portfolio Link 

YouTubeVR Link

More 2D Videos of Fairyland 

Video I took at the beginning of the hike.  Gorgeous!

I was craving a Southern Utah adventure, but not wanting to deal with the heat.  Then it hit me that even though Bryce canyon is Southern Utah, it is so high in elevation that it is cooler than where I live.  I think I had the perfect 1.5 day family adventure here.  I started with an audio book on Fairies on the way down adding to my excitement for the trail. Close after Panquitch I turned on Losee road and went down about 5 miles to Arches Trail.  I was here in the evening and it was fun to do that short hike and be able to be so close to the Arches and HooDoos.

Link to post on Arches Hike in Bryce Canyon
Perfect launching point.  I was surprised that I probably could have camped at this trailhead.  
I started Fairyland loop at 6am for I knew that even though it was cooler than it was at my home, I was still going to struggle with the heat.  The whole hike was amazing.  If I had little ones I wouldn't push them to do the whole loop, but listening to an audio book and imagining places and characters in Fairyland was a lot of fun.  When I got done I was ready for change so I drove 40 min to Willis Creek Slot Canyon.

  Link to AMAZING Willis Creek Slot Canyon 
Such a perfect family hike as it has a stream in the base of the slot you follow.  Gives for great entertainment of jumping to avoid the water or splashing.  I was surprised that even though it was 90 degrees outside it was cool in the slot and I didn't feel the heat.  Lastly I stopped by Meadow.  A quick dip in a hot water spring pool is the perfect ending to a awesome Green time family getaway.    Happy hiking!
I love how these looks like they have heads and fine dresses and are all standing at attention at someone grand in front of them.  So Cool.  It looks like it could come alive at night! 

Beautiful Cliff Wall Fairyland Trail Bryce Canyon

360 Trail walking trail in Fairyland 

Spin image to the right and check out the cool cliff I am heading to on the right.  

Beautiful morning Primrose still in bloom with Fairyland Hoodoos behind. Usually I see these in White or Pink, a Yellow one is magical to me. :)

360 Trail in Bryce

Huge Thanks to Hoka One One for making incredible Hiking Boots.  They grip great when I need them to grip, they support my ankle and keep it from getting twisted, they do a pretty good job keeping my feet dry, and my favorite thing about my Hoka One One Boots is that they are like walking on clouds.  The cushion layer on the bottom not only helps my feet last longer, but they keep my feet from feeling the sharp rocks under my feet.  Love them!

Famous Tower Arch Entrance into the Magical Fairyland

Famous Tower Arch Entrance into the Magical Fairyland
I love how this feels like a gate into a magical kingdom of Fairyland!  

Arch in Fairyland Bryce Canyon
Arch in Fairyland Bryce Canyon
Cool Arch on the left side of the Tower Arch

Check out the hole/arch in that tower over there!  

I was baffled by the cluster in the top right of the image below.  It looks like an arch over top of HooDoo's.  How does that form?
The picture below looks like rows and rows of Fairy Soldiers defending the Queens Castle

Video above is a look down into Fairyland on the end of my loop.  So pretty.

If you enjoyed this hike and want to see more of this area, Click on the Fairyland Google Earth link below. Google Earth Fairyland Bryce

Then click on the little dude in the corner, and then any blue dot where you want to see more. 


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