Kanarraville Waterfall Slot Canyon, Utah in 360 Degrees


Kanarraville Waterfall Slot Canyon Utah


  • 4 hours South of SLC - 20 min South of Cedar City
  • Costs $8 per PERSON
  • Great for ages 8 and above
  • Love that you just have to walk up the stream to enjoy the slot canyon.  Super cool.  
  • 4.3 miles round trip
  • About 730 feet elevation
  • Moderate Hike - Level 2
This is a canyon you want to do when it is warmer outside, because you walk up the river for good part of the hike. If the water is still cold this very fun hike can get tough only because your feet are getting too cold.  I did this hike in July and the water was just delightful to be stream walking up.  This hike has about 3-5 good size boulders that took a very large stride to get up, but I thought they were nice spots for me to practice easy bouldering and they didn't feel too stressful to me.  I think if you are in a spot that is super tough, then there is an easier route and you are just not finding the easier route.  There are times when walking in the stream is tougher than walking the trail, and there are times when the stream is way easier than the trail, and of course there are times when you just have to be in the stream.  I would say this trail is ok for all but little kids, and older people that would struggle getting up and down big boulders.  There is a fee of $8 per person to do the hike that you have to pay at the trail head.

360 Trail Through Kanarraville Slot Canyon

The 360 above is my favorite part.  You walk through this river, up this amazing slot canyon.   

The first part of the trail you are just walking on a road for about a mile.  Some people head down to the stream early, but I decided to stay on the trail, and the river looked like it had lost of growth to dodge here.

Video of Ledge at First Part of Kanarraville Trail 

The video above is where the trail got cool and I got to walk along this ledge.  It was a pretty view of the river from up here, and much easier than walking up this section of the river.

Video of First Waterfall, not either of the bigger Falls coming up, but it was marked on my Gaia Map as the waterfall.  Keep going though, it gets better.

The cliffs around me start having that vertical look to them and the trail is either up the river or up and down around the edges.On this spot I wondered, is this really easier than just staying in the water.  I don't think so...It is not hard, but look how easy walking up that river is right now.  I was glad that I had my hiking sticks, for they made walking in the river super easy to have that extra support if I happen to slip on a loose rock.

360 Trail of one of the Many places you need to Cross the Stream, or just start walking up the Stream. 

Video of some of the Amazing Cliffs with the Black Streaks from Water Painted on the Walls.


Video where I get excited when I get to hike a slot canyon, and this one is AWESOME!

Video above is going through one of the tallest slots on this trail.

360 Trail at the Natural Waterslide

This cute family was hanging out here and discovered that this waterfall is a great natural waterslide.  They were super cute to watch slide down this section.  Here is You Tube video of a family doing it (at the end of the video)
At the end this you can see this family sliding down the natural waterslide on the third waterfall.  Super fun!


The trail might look intimidating, but the only time I felt nervous was trying to climb that second ladder, and I decided that was just not worth it.  The rest has been well traveled to show you the easy routes through it all.
Here is a few links to more websites with information about the Kanarra Creek Canyon Hike
or Kanarraville Slot Canyons Waterfall Hike.  It is called both.
Link to Utah.com Information about Kanarraville Hike

Link to Information from Visit Utah about hike

Video of Kanarraville Second Waterfall and First Ladder in the Slot Canyon

VIDEO with FIRST LADDER at Kanarraville Slot Canyon Waterfall Hike

360 Trail of Section of Kanarraville Slot Canyon with Narrow Slot.

360 Image below is the Second Ladder and I think the 3rd Waterfall.  Without a buddy, it is way too dangerous to go past this point, but the good thing is that there is not much past this point.  ]

Second Ladder  at Kanarraville Waterfall Slot Canyon Utah

Here is the second ladder.  I was told that the trick it to start with your right foot.  I think I could have made it if I would not have been solo, but I played it safe, for this is not currently a safe ladder.  I have heard there is not too much past this, but someday I will have to go back and try this again, for my curiosity is peeked.
I had more amazing pictures here, but for some reason, my Google 360 process killed them this day.  It was a bummer to have most my pictures deleted, but hopefully you were able to enjoy this place a little bit.
 Kanarraville got to be a real adventure after about a mile, and it was a fun challenge (but not a too hard of a challenge) around every bend.  It is not every day you get to walk along a river for a hike, and this was a perfect river for it.  Great family Green time Adventure for sure.

Happy Hiking.

If you enjoyed this trail and want to see more,  click on this Google Earth Link then click on the little dude in the bottom corner, and then any blue dot where you want to see more.
Kanarraville Slot Canyon Utah Google Earth


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