Metate Arch D's Garden Escalante Utah

Metate Arch - Ds Garden

Metate Arch D'S Garden 

Escalante, Utah

Amazing arches, tunnels to crawl under, ledges to climb in, cracks to squeeze through.  It is just a playground for all ages! 

Mano Arch

This Arch's name  is Mano arch, but I think it is just as interesting and unique as the Metate Arch that is at the top.

360 Video at D.vils Garden includes Metate Arch and Mano Arch.

VR360 YouTubeVR  Video of's Garden

Click anywhere below for it to start, just make sure you rotate it around so you can see the area in 360 Degrees.  Use the buttons in the bottom right corner to change to Tiny Planet View or VR Mode if you have a VR Headset and it will transport you there!  

Below is a link for the above  360 Video

Here is the  2D version if you would rather me help you see my favorite parts. 

360 Image at Metate Arch - Devils Garden


If you look at the 360 image below, you can see that little crack in the rocks in front of me.  Well it ends up being a really fun place to go in an explore.  Those kinds of places are all over.

I am not sure why this image below starts upward.  Maybe because that tiny crack between the rock and the wall next to it is super interesting, but if you turn the spheres to look straight forward you can walk around this area.

 God's Chess Game Pieces?

To find this area you drive from Escalante US 12 for 5 miles east to Hole in the Road Road. There is a sign, but it can easily be missed so watch carefully.  It is a dirt road and as long as it hasn't rained recently it is accessible even to low clearance vehicles for this hike.  You drive 12.7 miles down Hole in the Rock Road to a marked road on your right that will take you to Devil's Garden.  The road is a little worse here, but still ok for you only need to drive 0.3 miles down it to parking area.  This area is fun, for there is no single path to follow here.  There are lots of paths, just take one and see what treasures you find.  There are picnic tables here so you can pull out the lunches.  There is also a restroom.  If you get disoriented, just walk west and then then walk North and you will be back at the parking lot.  There are cool mazes to wander through and arches, and even some shorter ones you can get up on top and see from a birds eye view.


The arch below is called Metate Arch.  It is a gorgeous arch.  If it is not coming in, click on the View on Google Maps to see it.

My Hiking buddy and myself right out of bed. 

Some of these spheres are having a tough time coming in.  If you see black, just click on the BLUE, View on Google Maps button.   This sphere below is walking around the cool Metate Arch you see in the picture above.
This also reminds me of another family favorite where you can just wander and see cool things.  That is SAND HALLOWIt is awesome, for you have the red rock, plus the water.  Fun for all.  Check it out when you are done here.  

Link to Sand Hallow Reservoir

There are lots of these little areas that would make this area perfect for playing hide and seek.

If you are enjoying this area and want to see more, click on the Devils Garden Google Earth Link then click on the lite dude in the bottom corner, then any blue dot or line where you want to see more.
Google Earth Devils Garden Escalante Link

If you would like to see my favorite hikes in Escalante, here is a GoogleList with all my Escalante Favorites on a map.

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My first pick today is a Hiking Jacket.  I did this hike last year in January, and it was such a great day.  My husband was so intrigued by the place we went back a few months later.  Grab a jacket and head South.  It is amazing hiking weather down there!