Grove Creek Canyon in 360 Degrees Pleasant Grove Utah

3 of the 4 Tiers in the Upper Group of Waterfalls.  

Grove Creek Canyon in 360 Degrees 

Pleasant Grove, Utah

I have hiked Grove Creek Canyon hike over 135 times, and I have NEVER seen the waterfalls in this canyon so full and beautiful as they were today (Spring /Summer 2019).
  • 35 min south of SLC
  • 4.5 mile round trip
  • About 1,700 elevation gain
  • Takes about 2 hours
  • Moderate Level - Probably level 3
  • Suitable for ages 12 and above.

360 Video of the Waterfalls

2DVideo of the Waterfalls

You must pay attention to catch all the 10+ waterfalls on this hike, for you can zip up the trail and not look through the trees and miss the bottom 4 tiers.  In April, the scrub oak have still don't have their leaves, but for this series of waterfalls that is a blessing.  This means you don't have as many leaves blocking your views so you can see more of the waterfalls.    The above photo is the 3 of the 4 tiers in the UPPER Section , and below is 3 of the 4 sections in the BOTTOM Section.  Below that picture is a photo of the V shaped waterfall above the Bridge (my camera died as I was taking a picture of the left side :(  ) , and then below that is a waterfall that has been created from the Natural Spring because there is so much run off.  Get up there quickly for this run off is making these waterfalls really beautiful, but it will not last.  
3 of the 4 tiers of the Lower Cluster of Waterfalls. 


The right side of the V shaped waterfall above the Bridge in Grove Creek Canyon

Video of the V Shaped Waterfalls above the Bridge and the river down to the Falls.

The Below waterfall only Rarely shows up in the Spring when the Natural Spring at the Top is bursting.  The rest of the year this is dry and not pretty like this. 
Bonus Waterfall from the Natural Spring Bursting
Bonus Waterfall from the Natural Spring Bursting 


As you start up the trail, you want to watch for a trail on the left up about 1/4 a mile.  The first section is a huge Switch Back Z shape. It walks along the river that is really pretty in the spring, and then turns and heads back out to the face of the mountain.  There are many trails here that head off to the face, and there is a trail near the face that heads north to walk along the front of the mountain, BUT if you want the waterfalls you need to be watching for the trail to turn EAST.  It is not hard to follow for it is the main trail people take, but there is often some that head straight north and wonder why they didn't find any waterfalls.  Below is the recording of my trail walking up to the Waterfalls. 
It is about 2.25 miles up to the falls and is a little more than 2000 feet elevation gain.  If you get to the bench, keep going, for the bridge and the V shaped waterfall is just around the corner.  If you would like to see more 360 images of this place Just click on the Google Earth Link Below, then the little dude inthe bottom corner, then any blue line or dot where you want to see more. 
Google Earth Link for Grove Creek Canyon

Instructions to view Grove Creek Canyon in VIRTUAL REALITY with VR Headset

Open the Street View App on you phone.  Type in Grove Creek Canyon, Utah in Search bar, then click on any blue line.  Use your headset remote to move forward on the trail.  I love how you can see the height of the trail better in VR than on your computer screen.  You can purchase VR Headsets with remote for as little as $30. 


Cool Slate Section of the Trail on the Grove Creek Canyon Hike
Cool Slate Section of the Hike


As you hike, Mount Timpanogos is a beautiful view up ahead.  I love it with the snow, but it is pretty without also. 

A Few Cool Cliff Edge Sections of the Trail. 

Cliff  Ledge Section of the Grove Creek Trail
Cliff  Ledge Section of the Grove Creek Trail

360 Google Earth Trail Along Cliff Edge in Grove Creek Canyon



In the spring the waterfalls have a chance of being big. Right now you want to watch for the Sweet Peas that are already in bloom. In a few weeks, if you go in the morning or evening watch for the nocturnal lilies that open when the sun is down. In spring there are also amazing sunsets. Taking a headlamp and heading up here on a day with pretty clouds, you can hang out of the look out area and enjoy spectacular views.
Spring Sunsets in Grove Creek Canyon 

Sweet Peas bloom in April along the Trail.  

This is the headlamp I have in my backpack and it is awesome!

I have hiked so many places, but off all the places I have hiked this holds a special favorite in my heart.  It is this canyon that gave me the motivation and support to loose my extra weight.  It is this canyon

 I go to just to relax, relieve the stress of the day and to get a good workout.  As of today, I have hiked this canyon at least 113 times.  It has it ALL.  It has hard steep parts to get your blood pumping.  It has gorgeous waterfalls (Two waterfalls that are 3-4 tier waterfalls, and a V shaped waterfall up by the bridge.) which are a little over 2 miles up, which makes it the perfect length for a workout hike for me.  It is great all 4 seasons.  In the fall the leaves are spectacular.  In the spring, it is bursting with life.  In the summer, even though it is hot outside, I can always count on a cool breeze after the second cliff and about 10 degrees cooler at the bridge.  

As I have thought about this blog post, I have thought how can I express my love for this canyon, or what makes this canyon special.  Well one HUGE thing that makes this canyon special is the Hanging of this enormous flag the week of the forth of July.  It draws people to this canyon to hike and look at this huge flag blowing in the wind. At night, it draws hikers up the canyon with headlights for there is spotlights on the flag, and it makes really interesting shadows on the mountain.

Info on Canyon:
This is my absolutely my favorite canyon. It has a wonderful waterfall reward at the end. It is about 2.5 miles to the bridge above the waterfalls giving a nice distance of a 5 miles round trip hike. It is steep enough to get some great exercise. It has steep cliffs that you get to walk along that feel real adventuresome, but is actually quite safe. To get to the trail you drive up 500 N in Pleasant Grove to the top. The trail walks along a wild almost dirt road like trail for a little while and then there is a small trail that heads up to the left. You want to take that trail. The trail then makes a very large Z shaped switch back on the mountain side. You walk along 2 cliff outcrops, and after the second one you want to watch off to the right for if you are paying attention you can see the first set of a 4 tier waterfalls. From there you walk about another 15 minutes and you want to watch again while your going through a path with trees on the right side for you can start seeing the next 4 tier waterfall. When you make it to the bench you have a beautiful view of the waterfall, but don't stop.there, for just around the corner there is another gorgeous spot. Here there is a cute bridge and above the bridge there is this beautiful V shaped double waterfall. It is also a wonderful spot to stop and take a break for the temperature drops about 10 degrees here from the canyon air. If you continue up.the trail there is a beautiful spring and a gorgeous meadow right at the base of Timp. Lovely hike. I have hiked this hike over 100 times and I still enjoy every bit of it!


In the Summer, the canyon has a huge draw around the Fourth of July for the Hanging of the Flag.  It is spectacular during the day when the wind is gently waving it, and it is cool in the dark when the spot light makes shadows on the mountain walls.

Video of the Giant Flag During the Fourth of July.

Here is info on Follow the Flag.

360 Google Earth Trail with the Sunset Lighting up the Mountains.

360 Google Earth Trail Past the Bridge in Grove Creek Canyon

The trail turns all Pine and Green and has an Oregon feel after you cross over the bridge.

After you hike over the bridge, you enter a nice pine area that feels like Oregon that is beautiful.

I hike this canyon often.  During one fall hike, we were hiking up we turned around and our jaws dropped to the ground. It was so unexpected to see so much red and we were floored by the beauty. Super amazing. Pictures do not give it justice.

Me and my awesome hiking buddy.


In the winter, it is amazingly well trafficked and manageable in the snow with Spikes which are also called Crampons.

I love going up and seeing the ice on the falls, and it is just beautiful in the winter.  Even when it is ugly early or late winter, I still enjoy this canyon for the trees have less growth so it is easier to really see the falls.

360 Google Earth Trail Grove Creek Canyon in Winter

Video Of Winter in the Canyon

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This hike was a bit stressful with the ledges, but the views were INCREDIBLE! Make sure you go all the way around the second cliff and head down by the Diamond Fork Arch and you will be fine, and don't go anywhere that is going to be difficult to back out of.

Link to Red Ledges



Also a gorgeous falls in the Spring, but you have to wait until the gate opens in American Fork Canyon to get to it. Don't worry about missing it, for Spring comes later up there, so you are plenty fine waiting for the gate to open. Click on the link below to see this awesome area in 360 Degrees.