Oregon Road Trip : Beaches, Waterfall, Lighthouses, Sealife, & My Favorite: KITE FLYING!

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Oregon Road Trip

Beaches, Waterfall, Lighthouses, Sealife, and

 My Favorite: KITE FLYING!

I have such a fun Virtual Vacation for you!  We are going to roadtrip Oregon and enjoy beautiful waterfalls, gorgeous beaches, cute lighthouses, and wonderful sea life, then we will end with my FAVORITE THING: KITE FLYING!  It is going to be an amazing and beautiful adventure, so grab that VR Headset, curl up in a comfy chair, turn on a fan to help you feel that amazing Oregon wind, and transport yourself on a fun VR Nature Getaway today for a fantastic postive boost from nature! 

Oculus Quest Headset Links

Direct Link 

Oculus Portfolio Link for access to all my VR Nature Vacations

YouTubeVR Links for Oregon

VR 360 Video to join me Immersively to my favorite things in Oregon. 
 If you are not watching in a VR Headset, make sure you move around so you can see everything.  You can enjoy an immersive experience for only $7 using a Google Cardboard and the YouTube Mobile App.  Just make sure you use the settings to use the highest quality for the video, for Youtube compression is rough otherwise.  

Kite Flying in Oregon

Information about Road Tripping Oregon

My favorite way to travel is by downloading Google Maps of the area, and then using a GoogleList I have created to bounce from location to location.  If you are interested in enjoying the places I visited, here is a link to my Oregon Trip List.  Just make sure you download Google Maps of the area, and get a Google map going of multiple locations when you have service. 

Details About My Latest VR Journey

 This was a family trip and we had lots of special situations to juggle with one having lots of Seizures, an Autistic Toddler, and peeps with CPT2 deficency, so I was a little worried about managing all these needs and still getting a video created, but it somehow all worked out.  There were so many times we had to play shifts, that it worked.  I am surprised that if you are lucky and get just a decent week in Oregon, that the Oregon coast always pleases everyone.  I made the Google list, and then asked everyone going to add anything else they wanted to do.  Of course when we got there, the list was overwhelming for some of our group dealing with challenges, so we had each person pick 3 things they really wanted to do.  We created a Google Keep List with Checkboxes, and organized them into sections of the coast.  We then just conquered those, and it worked out fabulously.  

When you travel to Oregon Coast, you do need to keep in mind that you must plan around the tides, and especially the low tides that are below -1. If you are lucky and get any of those, you try to do tide pooling, or crabbing, or clamming at those times.  High tides you chase the things that big waves are great for. Look up your tide charts, and make sure you are not heading into something that is dangerous when the tide is coming in.  Best of luck!  

Tips for Success

  • Download Google maps of the area before going.
  • Don't drive too much in one day without stopping and enjoying.  Find ways to stop often and enjoy the coast. 
  • Have food in car to munch on in case you don't get back to somewhere to eat and you still want to enjoy where you are at. 
  • Take or rent wetsuits.  This is crucial if you want to enjoy the water.  It makes it so you can really enjoy it for longer if you have one. 
  • Make sure you read about rip tides, what they look like, and how to get out of them if you are going in the water. 

Thanks for joining me friend!  Sending you positive vibes and love your way.  

P.S. I scratched the lens on my camera on a recent shoot, and I am badly needed it fixed.  If you could help with just a little donation to help me fix my scratched lens, I would appreciate it very much.  You can donate on Patreon, or with Google Pay at shaunasadventures1@gmail.com


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