Valley of Fire Immersive VR 360 Experiences and Hiking Hints

Valley Of Fire's Dragon Immersive 360 VR Getaway

Valley of Fire 

Immersive VR 360 Experiences and Hiking Hints  

We headed to Valley of Fire in Dec 2023, and I was so impressed, but not by the normal Valley of Fire things. We did a trip of all the Nevada State parks, and my first thought was I had to so a Video of all the crazy stuff here. We added Horse Theif Road, and a section between Valley Of Fire and Lake Mead that is amazing that most people don't find. So when I got home, my first thought was do a magical creature video. This ended up being such a fun video, but I was worried about it for it does have motion. I was more worried about Oculus not accepting it than YouTube for their computer algorithm you have to get through it tough on motion, but I really thought I did a good job on it. So when it never got picked up by You Tube, I decided I had made a bad call on the darnb motion. (Found out later that Oculus though LOVED it.. Go figure.)

Here is the Magical Creature Video

Months Later I was trying to finish up my Valley of Fire Footage, and I one of the trails I loved at Valley Of Fire was called the Seven Wonders Trail. I started the video searching for what the seven wonders were, and listing them, and then trying to find a fun unique way to share these cool locations. Well, the Fire Dragons Treasure came to be.. I meant to use Seven Wonders somehow better in the title, but it did get the motion like Fire Dragon. This video goes through many of the seven wonders that I managed to get shots of, and I added a few more of my favorite places in Valley of Fire. That was an amazing trail, but take it all the way throught to Pastel Canyon and make the whole loop. Advice is to definitely do this in the winter when it is not hot. We still got plenty hot even in December. LOL. At any case this video, and looking up more abou the Seven Wonders will give you some very fun things to chase in the Valley Of Fire.

Grab VR Headset so you can be inside the Spherical Video and feel like you are there!

I will apoligize that there are a few shots that overlapped in the 2 videos. Not good on me, but I honestly didn't know that was where my creative brain would go.  Also on an interesting tid bit, the Fire Dragon did fantastic on YouTube, and stunk on Oculus TV.  Crazy how flipped they were.  Just shows to not take things personally if a video sores or sinks.  Much of it is just luck and connecting with someone higher up.
Sending love to you my friend.
Like always, it you have any question about where any of the locations are feel free to contact me at

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