Sulphur Creek Capitol Reef

Sulfur Creek Waterfall - Capitol Reef
Sulphur Creek Waterfall - Capitol Reef

Sulphur Creek Capitol Reef

This is a video I took this summer hiking Sulphur Creek  Waterfall in Capitol Reef.   

2D Version if you like that better. 

It is a gorgeous area, but to me when I watch the above video, I see the fun and joy I could have experienced if I wasn’t so caught up in my electronics and gear.  I could have just ridden down this natural water slide!  While it does make a funny video of me trying to navigate tough terrain, It also bring me to thoughts about our time.  If we stop obsessing about our electronics and the info of our day, and just enjoy and build relationships with the important people in our lives, and the important ONE above who LOVES you more than you can comprehend,  we might just look back on this time with fondness.  Fondness because of the memories we created, fondness because we prayed with such intensity that we know without a doubt that God is real and that we will never forget being touched by and realized the reality of his love for us.  Many of us have the great blessing of having to slow down and not run so fast, and “having” to hang out at home.  So may we choose to NOT be like me taking the stressful way out, but let go of the “gear” we hold onto and enjoy the ride.  

Creek Walking in Sulfer Creek - Capitol Reef
Creek Walking in Sulfer Creek - Capitol Reef


  • About 3 hours South of SLC
  • Hike start right behind the Capitol Reef Visitors Center
  • Hike is Easy, except for getting up and down the Waterfall.  Down of course can be fun and easy if you just slide or jump into the water. :)
  • Watch for the Cool Sulfur Creek Lime Kiln and the first of the hike.  Kind of a fun historical spot. 
  • This is a wonderful hike to do with kids to let them "Creek Walk"  through the stream.  Just make sure you have water shoes, an extra pair of shoes, or you are doing this hike last so you don't have to stress about soggy shoes, and you can enjoy splashing and enjoying getting wet. 
Sulfur Creek Lime Kiln

2D Video of Hiking in Sulfur Creek

A video taken with my Insta 360 OneX along my creek walk on Sulfur Creek Trail at Capitol Reef National Park in Utah. I had the great of walking this trail from the bottom through the creek, and walking this trail along the top and looking down into the canyon. Such different perspectives. Also to be blessed by this same idea applied to my life. For any situation, if you try to see things from others perspective you will often be surprised with how different you are viewing the same thing. May all of us try harder to develop the hard skill of empathy to help us become a better version of ourselves. It has been proven that hiking heals, and it is surprising how great it makes you feel physically and emotionally. Get out and enjoy some Green Time today.

360 Version Link Below

2D Version of Above if you don't like trying to figure out where the cool stuff is. 

Link for 2D Video 

360 Link for Above Video

Hiking Heals the soul so get out and do some hiking today!  

If you have enjoyed this post, check out my sponsor links below.  I love my Hoka One One hiking boots.  They are fabulous.  Also I did this hike on a hot day, and the cooling clothes were awesome to make the hike still enjoyable even though it was a hot day.  


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