Capitol Gorge Drive and Hike to Water Tanks

Capitol Gorge Tiny Planet Entrance
Capitol Gorge Tiny Planet Entrance

Capitol Gorge Drive and Hike to Water Tanks

ROAD TRIP TIME!!!  When it’s hot outside, what a better way to get some green time then on an amazing scenic drive.  This is actually an awesome scenic drive with a short hike at the end.  It is called Capitol Gorge Trail, and you get this awesome dirt road drive for 2.5 miles, and then at then end it has an even narrower slot canyon that goes to some natural water ponds a little way up that is about 0.8 miles.  Of course with a name like Capitol Gorge, you have probably guessed this is in Capitol Reef.  Two hands up for the National Parks opening up, but remember people we have a lot more than just 2 amazing National Parks in Utah. 

2D Capitol Gorge Short
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Grab your VR Headset and use this link to Join me at Capitol Gorge

360 Video Driving Capitol Gorge Dirt Road 

Use the button on the bottom right to toggle between Tiny Planet and 360 modes.  Make sure you rotate around so you can see everything.

If you would rather have me help you see the cool things, here is a 2D video link for you.

At the end of the Capitol Gorge Drive there are 2 trails.  I took the trail to the Water Tanks.  It is a 0.8 mile walk into a wide Slot Canyon with a detour  up to some natural water pools.  I was a little disappointed for they were dried up when we went, but this link has a beautiful picture of the water tanks.  This Live and Let Live Post I believe is "THE" resource for great information anything Capitol Reef.  I definitely have loved reading their blog posts on this area. 

Capitol Gorge to Water Tanks Capitol Reef
Tiny Planet version of the Capitol Gorge Trail

Information on Hike
  • Hike starts after a fun 2.5 mile drive in car on a dirt road through a wider section of this canyon.  By the time you get to the Tanks trailhead, you area about 10 miles from the visitors center, but they are slow roads so it takes a while.  It is very scenic drive, but it is something you need to be aware of. 
  • Hike to Tanks is a nice slot canyon without any scary elements of a slot.  They used to drive through this canyon in wagons or with horses, so it never gets too narrow. 
  • There are Indian Pictographs on the walls along the slot that are fun to watch for and figure out what they are.
  • There is a spot in the canyon where the 4 men who discovered the canyon carved their names up high on the cliff wall.  No clue how they managed to do it, but it is very cool to see their names up there. 
  • Water tanks are not full if there has been no rain, so use that to help you decide if you want to do the last steep accent up to the tanks. It does change the scenery up to the tanks and gives you some interesting features on the trail up to there. 

360 Video of Walk through Slot Canyon towards the Tanks

Capitol Gorges Slot Canyon

2D Version of the Video if you like that better

Another 360 Video of Driving Dirt Road to Capitol Gorge

Make sure you rotate it around so you can see everything.  Of course the best way to watch this video is to transport yourself here using a VRHeadset and YouTubeVR, or OculusTV - ShaunasAdventures.  You can also use the button in the bottom right corner to convert to tiny planet video if you like! 

2D Version of above Video if you like that Better. 

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