Hidden Haven Waterfall by Bryan Head in 360 Degrees

Hidden Haven Waterfall - Bryan Head
Hidden Haven Waterfall - Bryan Head

Hidden Haven Waterfall 

by Bryan Head in 360 Degrees

Sometimes you find a treasure and you feel there was a hand above helping and leading you to find that treasure.  That was this  Hidden Haven waterfall, and I am hugely grateful for the gift of finding this hidden gem close to Bryan Head.  This waterfall is unique from its gorgeous tall bright red and black cliff walls and the bright green moss under the waterfall contrasting with the red.  Treasures can come in many forms, but may we remember that the ones of greatest value are relationships with loved ones, and the knowledge and blessings sent from above.  Hiking and nature are healing, get outside today! 

Here is a link to the trailhead location.

Use a VR Headset to Transport Yourself on a Road Trip to some Magical Places.  First to Noah’s Ark, Vermillion Castle & Hidden Haven Waterfall in Dixie National Forest, then to photographers favorite viewpoints of Cedar Breaks National Monument & Horseshoe Bend.  Then we will do a sunrise hike to DevilsBridge that looks like an entrance to a Fairy Kingdom, and then we will head to Fay Trail in the Secret Forest to see something magical.  From there we will watch Sunrise over the Grand Canyon in the Spring from the Desert Watchtower.  Our last spot will be journeying into the depths of the epic Buckskin Gulch slot canyon to find the Dragon.  So what are you waiting for?  Grab your VR Headset and transport yourself into this magical road trip with me that is sure to make you smile and give your day a positive boost.

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YouTubeVR Links Roadtripping to Sedona's Fairyland & Grand Canyon.

VR 360 Video of Roadtripping to Sedona's Fairylands & Grand Canyon. 
 If you are not watching in a VR Headset, make sure you move around so you can see everything, or put it in a Google Cardboard  and the YouTube Mobile App so you can still be transported there.  A Google Cardboard can be purchased for less than $10.  

2D Version of Above

Hidden Haven Waterfall
Hidden Haven Waterfall

How I found the Hidden Haven Waterfall.  

As I was driving home from Cedar Breaks Flower Festival and from doing the Hikes Bartizan Arch and Cascade Falls, instead of being in Google maps like I normally am, I was in Gaia maps, and I noticed a waterfall, but no trail going to it coming up.  I was curious, so I was looking for any pull off on the road so I could look and see if I could catch a glimpse.  I was surprised when I did find a pull off, it had a tiny path through some greenery and a sign that said Hidden Haven.  I think if I had not known there was a waterfall hiding back in there, I might not have thought much about it, but it was a fun knowledge to know that the hidden thing back there was a waterfall... I just had no idea it would be such an incredible waterfall when I found it!  

Cool bench leg made out of a tree stump.  Fabulous!
Cool bench leg made out of a tree stump.  Fabulous!  I love the root feet! 

Information about Hidden Haven Trail

  • About 3.5 miles south of Salt Lake City.
  • Trail is Medium Difficulty because of the bouldering and obstacles.
  • Trail is appropriate for kids 10 and up. 
  • Trail is about 1.4 miles round trip for the waterfall.  If you go to the viewpoint that I bet is quite the Haven, I think your total would be about 2.5 miles.   
  • Trail has cute campsites, picnic tables, and benches along the trail.  
  • Trail has a split, so it is Y shaped.  The one side goes to the waterfall, and I am sad to say I don't know where they other side goes.  Quite sure it is a spot with spectacular views of the cliffs from where it ends up.
  • The problem with this trail is that because of the fire in Bryan Head a few years ago, it has left lots of dead trees and caused mudslides in this area.  As a result, the stream here has had a beating lately and is an area you might want to avoid if there is a rainstorm coming, for you never know what might wash downstream.  That being said, when you get into the river it is similar to hiking Kanarraville where there is some bouldering, but it is not that hard and is a fun challenge to build your hiking skills.  
  • There are actually 3 trailheads to this trail.   Two are just on the main road up to Bryan head.  The other trail is off the new road just off the 143 that travels along Benson Creek.  It will be on your right soon after you turn onto this new road.  This would make this trail even shorter.  


    Trail Head Sign off 143.
    Hidden Haven Trailhead Sign

Hidden Haven Waterfall
Hidden Haven Waterfall

Cool hikes in the area that you should do while you are in the area.

This area surprisingly has some fabulous hikes that surround this waterfall.  If you are thinking about heading down to see this waterfall, I would recommend making sure you catch these other great trails while your at it. 
Map above has Bryan head in the bottom.  The green trail is Hidden Haven.  The Red is my trail at Noah's ark where I forgot to turn off my recording.  The Purple line is Vermillion Castle.  

The map below has Bryan head on the top and shows Bartizan Arch in blue.  The light blue section is from Ramparts to the Arch. The Orange trail is Cascade Falls that is below Navajo lake.  This map is fun for you can see how far the water has to travel in the lava tunnel before coming out at Cascade Falls. 

Cascade Falls

Cascade Falls is about 40 min from here, and is super interesting for it comes out of the mountain from a lava tube.  If you head to Bryan head, and then past Bryan head around Navajo Lake you will notice some Lava Fields.  In fact, if you watch closely on the left side of the road you will see a sign that says Lava Field.  If you drive on that road about 1/2 a mile you will see how huge the volcano eruption was that was in this area, and it is quite humbling to realize the power and devastation a volcano eruption could have.  Once you realize in your head about this volcano and the lava flow, you will be surprised when you explore this area how often you will all of a sudden see a lava flow off to the side of the road.  Quite fascinating to envision the hot red lava flowing and destroying and then creating all these flows.  Anyway, Navajo lake is around all these lava flows, and on the east side by the dam there is a sink hole, and water sinks into that and into a lava tunnel, and then the water shoots out at Cascade Falls.  Fascinating Place.  Biggest issues with this falls are 2 things.  1. There are multiple Cascade Falls in Utah, so make sure you get the one by Cedar City.  2.  Make sure when you use Google Maps you get the Cascade Falls TRAILHEAD (Don't forget to type that trailhead word in.) by Cedar City.  It can get you way above the falls with no way to get to it if you forget Trailhead.  However on that dirt  road above Cascade Falls there is great free campsites and cell service which might be nice to know.  Check out more here:
Cascade Falls and Sunrays
Cascade Falls and Sunrays

Cascade Falls- by Cedar City
Cascade Falls- by Cedar City

Noah's Ark

Great hike just east of Hidden Haven. If the bridge has not been rebuilt, crossing the stream is easiest down a little ways by the old house.  Take hiking sticks if you plan on doing the whole trail, but even just doing a section of this trail is really nice.  

Noahs Ark - Shaunas Adventures

You can also get great views of Noah's ark that is not quite as treacherous from the great trail across the road from Noah's Ark called Vermillion Castle trail.  The only tricky thing about this trail is that it gets a little tricky to find the Cairns, so I would make sure you have an external GPS and the GAIA app map of this area downloaded and start recording when the trail gets a little tricky about 2 miles in.  That way you will have a safe trail out. 

Bartizan Arch Trail in Cedar Breaks just past Ramparts lookout. 
Bartizan Arch - Cedar Breaks past Ramparts
Bartizan Arch - Cedar Breaks past Ramparts

Me and Hidden Haven Falls
Me and Hidden Haven Falls 

Hidden Haven Waterfall by Bryan Head
One Last Picture of Hidden Haven Waterfall by Bryan Head