Rimrock Hoodoos VR 360

Rimrock Hoodoos 
 Rimrock Hoodoos VR 360

Todd and I have hiked to the Wahweep Hoodoos, and they are spectacular, but it is a long hike.  We were craving seeing some Hoodoos, but did not feel like we could do that long of a hike this trip.  As we were looking on Google Earth, we realized there are another set of Hoodoos that had a trail going to them by the Rimrocks.  This trail needs a 4WD vehicle, and it a hike that is a little more scary than the flat trail to the Wahweep hoods, but it is am amazing hike. 

I wish I had more exact info to help you find these, but I do not.  We were traveling from Lone Rock Lake Powell and heading to Kanab.  We turned on Cottonwood Canyon Road, and traveled about 10-20 miles.  There was a pull off on the left side of the road.  I was able to verify we were in the right place using Gaia maps, for it was the trail on that app.  We hiked to the cliff drop off and Gaia said to go left.  We headed that way and were a little intimidated with the trail that way.  We decided to go right and see if there was a safer way down.  Here you have to look for the trail down below.  We found a nice spot to drop down onto that trail and we could see a trail that went both left and right.  We headed left for the Hoodoos looked bigger on that side on Google Earth.  From there the trail was not that scary and was pretty easy to see if we were on the trail or not.  

Trailer for OculusTV Rimrock Hoodoos

If you can't get here, the next best thing is to transport yourself here using a VR Headset.  You can view on Oculus TV by clicking on the menu button, then the TV button in the top right corner, then type in ShaunasAdventures, otherwise you can search "ShaunasAdventures" in YouTubeVR or use the link below.  


YouTubeVR for  Immersive Virtual Getaway to the Rimrock Hoodoos

One of the largest hoodoos in the distance.

Info on the Rimrock Hoodoo Trail

  • Appropriate for ages 12 and above
  • About 5.5 hours south of Salt Lake City
  • You start up high and drop down into the Hoodoos.  We did not do the whole trail.  It gets to a point you need to crawl under a rock overhang, and we were having too much fun enjoying the large hoodoos to go further.  We did discover that there is a lot more to this area than we took time to enjoy on this first round.  I believe if you follow the trail further it will take you down to the toadstools.  If you take the trail right at the cliff overlook, it leads to another set of Hoodoos. 
  • We used Google Earth to scout out this area.  You might find that helpful also.  
  • I started recording on Gaia maps as we were heading out of the Hoodoos so I could have it for reference, but I forgot to stop recording until we had travels quite a long distance on Cottonwood Canyon road.  The trail is the bottom left hook shape out.    

A capstone that has fallen off a Hoodoo.

AMP Web Story for VR 360 Rim Rock Hoodoos

Rim Rock Hodoos Web Story

One of our favorite spots in the hoodoos. 

If you liked these hoodoos, you will also really love the Wahweep hoodoos.  You should definitely check them out.