San Rafael Reef Mine - VR Nature Vacation

Immersive San Rafael Reef Mine 

- VR Nature Vacation Getaway -

This Immersive VR 360 Getaway to the San Rafael Reef Mine in the Utah Dessert will surprise you with how enjoyable time in the Utah desert can be.  This place took both of us by surprise by having a old mine that was easy to check out.  We also enjoyed time with a beautiful lizard.  Besides all that the San Rafael Reef is such an amazing Geological Formation.  The San Rafael Swell is an area in Utah that is similar to a bubble under water pushing itself to the top, except in this case it was pushing the earth upward creating some amazing slot canyons, caves, and formations in this area. The Reef is the edge of this cool action.  So give yourself some Me Time, and enjoy the relaxation of taking a vacation without the effort of packing, unpacking, and flying.   You can also boost those chemicals in your body that fight depression and boost your mood by enjoying this Nature Therapy.  If you open your favorite nature Essential oil you will boost it even more.  Sending love and hope to you for more happiness and peace to your soul. - LOVE  Shauna!

2D Oculus TV Trailer Video for San Rafael Reef Mine

Cute Lizard we enjoyed while in this trail. 

Had a rough week?  Well I have a solution for you to relax you and help you start to feel a little better.  It is a Getaway to the beautiful Joe's Valley Reservoir.  This virtual Getaway might be even a little more relaxing for it doesn't involve any packing or unpacking.  All it requires is a VR Headset.  Just find yourself a comfortable chair, and sit down, take a nice deep breath, maybe open one of your favorite essential oils that will remind you of a lake, and then search "ShaunasAdventures" on OculusTV, YouTubeVR or use my Oculus Portfolio Link 
.  Then just relax and enjoy being transported to this beautiful place.   I know how easy it is to get overwhelmed, so know this is sent with lots of love to hopefully help you calm yourself down and relax!  

If you don't own a VRHeadset, click on the link below.  You will LOVE it.  I know I do.  I love it enough to wake up almost every morning and get an hour of VR in before facing my day.  I travel all over the world in Supernatural while excercising and sweating like crazy, then I head to Oculus TV to be transported to one of the places I love, and then I am ready for whatever comes my way that day! 


Below is the YouTubeVR Version.  Again it is so much better when you are inside it and really there!

San Rafael Reef

AMP Web Story for Immersive VR 360 San Rafael Reef Mine

Joe's Valley Reservoir Web Story

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2D Trailer for Immersive Nature Experience at Periodic Springs and Snake River

Palisades, Periodic Springs, and Snake River are a beautiful combo if you are thinking about heading to Wyoming for the cooler weather. So many other events you can add to it, like horseback riding, or Jackson hole, or the Tetons.  

If you don't have a VR Headset, they are so much fun.  I have enjoyed mine often to excercise when I can't hit a trail outdoors, and to virtually travel the world. It is so wonderful for my physical and mental health.  Here are links to some great VR Headsets.  Definitely worth it! 

For the Virtual Reality Experience, I love to open a bottle of Cypress, get a nice breeze blowing on me, curl up in a comfy chair, and transport myself here or any of the other fun Nature Experience in my Oculus Portfolio.  It is a wonderful postive boost from Nature Therapy that helps fight depression and help you feel happier. Try it out.