Immersive Strawberry Cliffs - Uintas National Forest - VR Nature Vacation Getaway


Immersive Paddleboarding Laketime at Strawberry Cliffs

Immersive  Paddleboarding at Strawberry 

- Uintas National Forest - 

VR Nature Vacation Getaway

Need to relax?  Well I have the perfect way to help you calm down.  Grab your VR Headset and join me gliding on Strawberry Lake along the beautiful cliffs and rocks.  It is a wonderful way to get some "Me Time" Nature Therapy to boost those chemicals in the body that are connected with feeling happy.  So open a bottle of Cypress oil, get a nice breeze blowing on you, curl up in a comfy chair, and transport yourself to the Uintas to enjoy a wonderful VR Getaway with me.  Sending love and postive vibes your way.
 - Shauna

This was a fantastic vacation, and I am so excited for you to grab a VR Headset so you can transport yourself to join us virtually.  So what are you waiting for?  The benefits of Nature Therapy are amazing for you mental health!  

 So open a bottle of Cypress Oil, get a nice breeze going, curl up on a comfy chair, and transport yourself to this beautiful location for some wonderful Nature Therapy.  If you haven't heard of Nature Therapy, I will share with you what they have discovered.  They have found that being Immersed in nature boosts the chemicals in your body that are linked with feeling happy.  They have also found that Cypress oil and an Immersive Virtual Version can also have a similar affect, so what are you waiting for.  Enjoy some "Me Time" today and transport yourself to somewhere beautiful for an awe moment. Just search ShaunasAdventures on OculusTV, YouTubeVR, or the link below.  If you have an Oculus Headset, I like using the Oculus Portfolio link the best, for it takes out the issues of WiFi speed.  You just click on the Place you want to travel to virtually, and is uploads it to your Oculus Headset and is on the main screen of your Oculus for the next 10 minutes.  Here is my Oculus Portfolio Link

Oculus Portfolio Link

VR 360 Video.  If you are viewing on a 2D screen, make sure you move and look around.  If you watch from a VR Headset version, you are inside the video, and it magically transports you here. 

Information about Strawberry Lake

  • Strawberry Reservoir is about 2 hours southeast of Salt Lake City.
  • The cliffs are on the east side by the dam.  
  • Strawberry Reservoir has a beautiful thing that happens in the fall.  The Salmon turn from a normal fish color to a bright red.  Their faces change to have a hooked tip nose.  It is fascinating, and it happens every year here at Strawberry.  
  • Most places you put in your kayak or Padddleboard at Strawberry they will charge you a fee, so make sure you have some cash on you.  

2D Trailer for Strawberry Cliffs VR Getaway

If you don't have a VR Headset, they are so much fun.  I have enjoyed mine often to excercise when I can't hit a trail outdoors, and to virtually travel the world. It is so wonderful for my physical and mental health.  Here are links to some great VR Headsets.  Definitely worth it! 

For the Virtual Reality Experience, I love to open a bottle of Cypress, get a nice breeze blowing on me, curl up in a comfy chair, and transport myself here or any of the other fun Nature Experience in my Oculus Portfolio.  It is a wonderful postive boost from Nature Therapy that helps fight depression and help you feel happier. Try it out. Here is my Virtual Reality Oasis of  VR Nature Vacations!