Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park: its Lakes, Wildlife, and Waterfalls

Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park

Lakes, Wildlife, & Waterfalls 

Grab a VR Headset and Transport Yourself to Rocky Mountain National Park to enjoy its Lakes, Wildlife, and Waterfalls.  This VR Nature Vacation ended up being really special to me for multiple reasons.  You will have to grab a VR Headset and transport yourself here to join me to find out why, but let's just say that I had some really special moments with nature and wild animals that I will not forget.  It was just one beautiful moment after another!  I think this will be a fantastic way to give you a positive boost from nature with some Virtual Vacationing!   So open that bottle of your favorite natural smell, curl up in a comfy chair, and transport yourself somewhere relaxing and beautiful today!

Oculus Quest Headset Links

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Nymph Lake

YouTubeVR Links for Rocky Mountain National Park

VR 360 Video to join me Immersively to Rocky Mountain National Park. 
 If you are not watching in a VR Headset, make sure you move around so you can see everything.  You can enjoy an immersive experience for only $7 using a Google Cardboard and the YouTube Mobile App.  Just make sure you use the settings to use the highest quality for the video, for Youtube compression is rough otherwise.  

Information about Rocky Mountain National Park

My favorite way to travel is by downloading Google Maps of the area, and then using a GoogleList I have created to bounce from location to location.  If you are interested in enjoying the places I visited, here is a link to my Rocky Mountain National Park List.  Just make sure you download Google Maps of the area, and get a Google map going of multiple locations when you have service. 

Detaiils About My Latest VR Journey

 I filmed this around Memorial Day, and I had a hard time not thinking about my dad that passed away while I was here, for he LOVED this place.  My journey with VR has changed as I have tried to let the My other Father Above be in charge and letting him enlighten me with a NatureParable on each journey.  This is real tricky to with so many words being able to cancel you.  It still, it has been really special to search for what lesson I am supposed to learn from nature so I can share it with others.  This journey I found a tree that was dead and hollowed out and even had a rotting hole go right through it, but then it had new life coming out of this dead trunk.  I knew then why I had been thinking about my dad so much.  That was my natureparable!  My video here ends with me sharing how grateful I am to the light for miracles.  That just like the tree that has new life out of dead, that I am grateful I will feel my dads arms wrapped around me telling me how much he loves me and how wonderful he thinks I am.  It made me cry each time I watched this during editing….so basically I have cried a lot over the last few weeks.  Still, so grateful for the reminder of that wonderful miracle.  Let me know what you think of it in VR. Did I do ok?  

Me and my Marmot Friend

Tips for Success

  • Get there early for sunrises and sunsets. 
  • Drive into the park from the Southwest corner for a fun sunrise drive. 
  • Always keep your eyes open and ears open for animals to enjoy. 

Thanks for joining me friend!  Sending you positive vibes and love your way.  

P.S. I scratched the lens on my camera on a recent shoot, and I am badly needed it fixed.  If you could help with just a little donation to help me fix my scratched lens, I would appreciate it very much.  You can donate on Patreon, or with Google Pay at