Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Black Canyon of the Gunnison in VR360

Grab a VR Headset and join me on an epic VR Getaway to watch Sam and Lane climb the Black Canyon's enormous steep cliffs.  If you look at both narrowness and tallness in canyons, Black Canyon of the Gunnison is the grandest in the world in this category.  This fun race with the sun will get you cheering for these amazing men, and holding your breath as you dangle over the enormous depths of the deep Black Canyon.  So open that favorite nature smell, curl up in a comfy chair, and get ready for the ultimate Where's Waldo challenge as we try to follow the path of Sam and Lane as they attempt this epic rope climb!

Information about Black Canyon

Also if you did not know, Black Canyon of the Gunnison has 2 different National Parks...One on both sides.  The canyon is so deep that there is not a road that goes across, so you have the East side and the West side.  The first time I went to Black Canyon, I enjoyed the West side.  This is the most common side people go to.  I had a goal to see the east side and watch Black Canyon light up in the morning.  That was my goal on this latest trip.  Running into Sam and Lane and being able to film their climb was a fun bonus to the adventure.  If you have not been to Black Canyon, it is a beautiful place to enjoy.  Both sides are similar in that you drive to a pull out, and then walk a short distance to a cool look out.  The East side is less crowded, and has a bonus of a hike to North Point, and Exclamation Point, but less pull offs. All hikes are easy, but many do not have protective guard rails so taking little ones might be a little exhausting keeping them safe. 

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VR 360 Video to join me Immersively to Rocky Mountain National Park. 
 If you are not watching in a VR Headset, make sure you move around so you can see everything.  You can enjoy an immersive experience for only $7 using a Google Cardboard and the YouTube Mobile App.  Just make sure you use the settings to use the highest quality for the video, for Youtube compression is rough otherwise.  

Black Canyon of the Gunnison
Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Shots from my First trip to the Black Canyon's West Side

Black Canyon is an extremely deep dark canyon that is so deep and so narrow that many places down at the bottom never see sunlight. I thought about our Pandemic and Election turmoil we are now in. It is so easy to let anxiety build until you soon find yourself sliding into a similar dark abyss in your mind that is equally terrifying and scary. At times like this, I beg you to look up. The sky's still blue and above there really is a Heavenly Father above that LOVES you more than you can comprehend. Yes, he sometimes lets bad things happen, but it is so we can grow. I look back on my hardest times in my life with gratitude for I humbled myself enough to plea to my Father above for help, and what I received was enormous comfort and what felt like a hug from Him letting me know He cared and He was aware and he loved me. That same thing is available to anyone who asks, for He wants to help YOU. This VR Adventure has lots of cliff edges where you can look down into this deep Black Canyon so hang on for a fun ride with some crazy heights.

Tiny Planet Image of me and hubby at Black Canyon

Information on the Black Canyon

  • It is 5.5 hours Southeast of SLC. 
  • This is not one long hike, but lots of mini trails, which is so fun.  Hike a little while, see something amazing, drive to next spot and repeat.   Delightful.
  • Great family hike, as long as you watch your kids by the edges that are not fenced.  
  • I believe dogs are allowed in this park, for I saw quite a few dogs, and don't remember any signs saying otherwise. 
  • There is a nice picnic area at the end of the road that has picnic tables and areas to enjoy a lunch and get a bathroom break.  
  • This end spot does not have the spectacular views that are available at all the mini trails along the road for it is not as steep and deep.  Some drive right to the end, and miss out on the best parts.  There is also a trail here that is longer that goes down into the canyon, but remember this is not the prettiest spot in black Canyon. 

Fall at Black Canyon
Fall at Black Canyon

Black Canyon of the Gunnison is a narrow canyon with steep cliffs on both sides that are a deep blackish color with neat veins that run through the rock making interesting shapes.  There are a few people each year that hike down to the base of Black Canyon, but most take a guide if they decide to go for the smallest mess up and you will likely fall an awful fall.  This area though is such a nice area though with lots of little pull offs with short hikes to see various lookouts in over the canyon.   

Very cool Black Fin in Black Canyon
Very cool Black Fin in Black Canyon

Video of another awesome pull off view point at Black Canyon

Black Canyon of the Gunnison in Fall
Black Canyon of the Gunnison in Fall

Hiking Heals the soul so get out and do some hiking today!  

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