Uinta's Hayden Peak: Wildflowers, Lakes & Rainbows VR360 Getaway

Amethyst Lake - Hayden Peak VRGetaway

Uinta's Hayden Peak

Wildflowers, Lakes & Rainbows - 

VR360 Getaway

Grab your VR Headset and join me to explore the glorious Hayden Peak for a wonderful positive boost from nature.  This VR Getaway enjoys views of this Glorious mountain and its flowers, and lakes.  Then we will be extremely lucky and enjoy a fantastic rainbow.  So grab a VR Headset, open a bottle of your favorite nature scent, curl up in a comfy chair, and transport yourself to this beautiful area.    This is in the Unita National Forest in Utah. 

If This video has inspired you to want to enjoy more adventures here, I have made it easy for you by creating a GoogleMap List for you.  Just download an offline GoogleMap of the area, and then flag any location on my list to your Google Map, and start your adventure today!  Hayden Peak w @ShaunasAdventures · Shaunas


More Information about the Hayden Peak VR Getaway and the hikes. 

This VR getaway for VRHeadsets was a delightful experience to create.  Paddelboarding at Butterfly lake was a delight to enjoy the bright yellow lily flowers.   Hiking to Ruth lake is only an easy 2 mile hike, and it was just a joy being able to soak in all the wildflowers.  Hiking to Amythyst lake was quite the hike, for it was close to 14 miles with my filming, and Anythyst lake was close to 11,000 feet in elevation.  I started at 4:30 am, and didn't get back until early evening, but once I got up to that last mile to the lake, it was just stunning.  It seriously took my breath way.  I planned on hiking to the top of  Hayden Peak when I started putting this VRGetaway together, but I wasn't empressed with the pictures on the hike, and there are loose rocks and a little intimidating boudlering that need to be tackled so I started chasing the lakes I could find around Hayden Peak instead.  Pass Lake is close to the road, so it is not really a quiet lake, but I LOVE the cute islands, and the views of Hayden Peak from that lake.  

Insta360 X2 and Insta 360 RS w 1 inch sensor COMPARISONS

 I used both the Insta360 X2, and the New Insta360 RS with 1 inch sensor. Can you figure out which shots are with which camera?  You should watch first and then check below to see if you guessed correctly.  I will tell you that I was a little disappopinted with the Insta RS 1 Inch sensor.  I used the Log/Lut and feature, and I struggled to get the colors back correctly in low light situations. I had to throw away many shots because the color was just off.  I either was dealing with too much greens and blues, or the red in my skin tones was way overkill.  It was rough.  I think I will pass on using Logs with that camera for a while until the Lut or Camera improves.  I do think the final turned out quite beautiful, but yes, I am still working on some issues I had with the Insta360 RS 1 Inch. 

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YouTubeVR Links for a VRGetaway to Hayden Peak!

VR 360 6K Video of Uinta National Forests Hayden Peak. 
 If you are not watching in a VR Headset, make sure you move around so you can see everything, or put it in a Google Cardboard  and the YouTube Mobile App so you can still be transported there.  A Google Cardboard can be purchased for less than $10.  

Answers to the Camera Comparison shots of the Insta360 X2 and the Insta360 RS with 1inch Sensor.

Ruth Lake was Insta 360 RS with the 1 inch sensor.  There is a sunset shot at the end that I was very disappointed in.  The sunset colors in person were a really nice red in the Sky, but I could not for the life of me recover those reds.  I think I have my saturation and vibrancy to a ridiculous 50 and 150 and you can barely see the red in the water, and it should of been spectacular. 

Butterfly Lake was low light and it was filmed with the Insta360 RS 1 inch sensor also

Amethyst Lake was also with the Insta360 RS with the 1 inch sensor.  Some shots on this hike in the early morning I had to throw out because the colors were so weird, and there is an approach shot to the bonus lake before Amethyst lake that I probably shouldn’t have used because the colors still felt weird and off. 

All the rest of the shots were with my Insta 360 X2.  Surprised?  Can you tell the difference in quality?