My Journey to Find Passion and Purpose: VRGetaway

My Journey to Find Passion and Purpose

My Journey to Find My Passion and Purpose Immersive VR Getaway 

Have you ever wondered what your Passion and Purpose is? Well I definitely wondered, and luckily I found mine. This is Shauna, from VRGetaways and this is a journey of my events chasing my Passion and Purpose.  This is packed with some of my favorite shots, and moments.  It tells the true story of my journey in this 360 world.  Most think, how rough could it be, well, being on the front end of this, was rough.  Read below if you want to avoid some of the pitfalls I had. 

VR 360 6K Video of  My Journey to Find Passion and Purpose

 If you are not watching in a VR Headset, make sure you move around so you can see everything, or put it in a Google Cardboard  and the YouTube Mobile App so you can still be transported there.  A Google Cardboard can be purchased for less than $10.  

 I was motivated to create this video for the 5th annual VR360 Film Contest, so root for me friends! 

 So what are you waiting for?  Grab your VR Headset and transport yourself into this gorgeous journey  with me that is sure to make you smile and give your day a positive boost.

If you have a Oculus VR Headset, the links below, are BY FAR the better quality.  The compression is better, and they do a good job not ruining the video with compression issues. 

Oculus Quest Headset Links

Direct Link 

Oculus Portfolio Link for access to all my VR Nature Vacations

Do you know what your Passion and Purpose is?  Do you think that you are not “good enough “ to have something like a Passion and Purpose?  Well I am here to tell you, you are good enough!  Finding a passion and purpose has SO MANY BENEFITS, not only for you, but for others!  It will help you have some tools to push away depression, and give you a drive that makes life more exciting and enjoyable, and a Passion and Purpose usually blessed others around you.  I am still learning on this journey, but these are the 4 steps I tell my students daily.  .
1.  If you don’t have one yet, just keep learning and listening for that thing that sparks your interest.
2. Put the work into learning all you can and pay attention to details.
3.  Make SMART goals that are only about 1 month out. Make sure they push yourself, but are NOT tied to social media or other people. 
4.  Make sure you have a 3 word power statement to deflect those doubts.  Use that power statement often when subtractive thoughts come into your brain.  Mine is “You Got This!  You Can Do This!” Record you successes, and use them to keep a strong hold on your confidence. 
These are steps included in Craig Manning’s book @thefearlessmind  He has fabulous short videos to help you on your journey.  
Sending Love and Positive Vibes Your Way, and remember I Believe In You!!

I love how a Virtual Vacation to a beautiful awe inspiring place in nature can give you a positive boost.  So Grab your VRHeadset, or Google Cardboard, to transport here and enjoy some "Me Time".  This has some great moments with Animals, and some of the most stunning scenery, but my favorite thing is that I really poored out my heart and soul on this one.  So I hope you feel my love.  Find Your Passion and Purpose.  It makes all the difference in life!  You Got This!  You Can Do This. If you want more information about finding success chasing a Passion and Purpose, read the book, The Fearless Mind by Craig Manning.  Here is his YouTube Channel

 The Fearless mind YouTube Channel

Things to Be Aware Of if You Are Chasing Success in the 360 World. 

I started 360 journey as a contributor for Google Maps, when taking 360 images became an option with my Pixel Phone.  I thought it was so cool, but at the time, the only option to share those 360 images, was to upload to Google Maps, and then embed those images.  I soon started using the StreetView app to connect spheres and make 360 trails for Google Earth.  For me, it was much cooler being able to move around, but connecting waas hard, for it was on my tiny phone, and it was rough to get them all connected to make a visually smooth trail.  It would take hours of time.  I followed the steps they had on the StreetView app of making sure the 360 images were about 5-10 feet apart, and so forth, but as they change the rules without letting you know, you go from feeling like king on the mountain (getting invited to Google Connect Live in San Franscisco) to having your account shut down and you have no idea why.  Working with Mega corporations is rough, for if you a signal that they want you to change something, it is a guessing game to figure out what you need to fix.  Frustrating.  I ended up getting rid of my Google Theta Camera, and moving into the Insta360 world to do 360 videography so I could have more control of my content.  It was about fun movement to create the coolest flat video, and I was doing pretty good figuring out a fun style there, but I knew I wanted to transport people to places.  So when the OculusTV came out, I thought, this is what I have really wanted to chase. Not sure why it was a surprise to me to realize that motion and 360 videography is not a good mix, but for a while I kept refusing to go full tripod.  Now I am obsessed with being super careful with motion.  It is a make or break factor.  My roughest walls in my 360 journey happened while I was in the Oculus Launch Program.  It pushed me to figure out things like how to do stereoscope and monoscopic footage, and mix 5.7K, 6K, and 8K footage. It also pushed me to learn how to do special effects in Adobe After Effects that I am not sure I would have been pushed to figure out otherwise, but I also feel like I lost almost a year of my life to being pushed to do something I didn't want to do, and that they knew didn't work.  It was months of constant walls being thrown at me, but I was so determined to show that I could conquer hard things, and I could do what I had set out to accomplish.  When they threw me a hard wall of no longer being able to upload apks or obbs files, it was almost a relief.  It pissed me off that they were canceling my chance to try, but it was also a relief to walk away and know I had done my darnest to make an app happen, and I have no regrets that I didn't try hard enough, for I gave it 150%.  I am sure I will be Canceled someday for sharing my positive message, but don't care. I would rather please The One Above then worry about pleasing them. 
 For those that are curious what was so hard, I was working with any route that would make water work in Unreal for the VR headset, and it doesn't work with any route I tried.  Also 360 video and stereoscopic video does not work in Unreal for Oculus Quest as of 2021, unless you go down to about 2K footage, which would look awful.  Supernatural and GO fishing, don't use 360 video, and they use their own software and not Unreal.  Just FYI.  

My mindset totally changed though after that. I realized that I am chasing this Passion and Purpose of mine for myself and the One above.  It is something I repeat to myself often daily and watch for signs of help to keep building my confidence in that source. I have been super grateful for discovering The Fearless Mind by Craig Manning, for it has been a game changer.  I make smarter 1 - 4 week goals that push me in my skill set, and have nothing to do with social media, Views, or Likes.  I listen for messages that can make my work more meaniful and benificial for those who are using them for a positive boost for their life.  I find contentment that I am finding ways to grow and learn new skills, and I always feel super blessed as I am out on a shoot and enjoying the beauties of this amazing planet. Sending Love and Positive Vibes You Way.  You Can Do Great Things Friend!  I believe in you!  - Shauna


Isn’t it crazy how fast you can go from feeling positive about yourself to huge doubts? It is definitely rough when you deal with excessive walls in your medium, or are asked to do something that is not possible, or when your demographic is assigned an algorithms that make worldly “success” more challenging.   I used to ride this rollercoaster of ups and downs until I found 2 keys that have made a huge difference for me.  First, I remind myself often that my team mate is the Light above, and that The Light is constantly willing to help and support. I repeat that often in my mind throughout the day.   If my goals are more about pushing myself, improving my skill set, and helping others, instead of on views and likes, then I am constantly amazed at the support and help I get from above. Second, I try to deflect those subtractive thoughts when they start to descend on me.  I throw those doubts my power statement.  I got this!  I can do this.  Believe in yourselves friends!  You have power to do great things!  Sending Love and Positive Vibes Your Way.  -Shauna