Zions National Park VRGetaways in Immersive 360 for VRHeadsets


Zions National Park VRGetaways 

in Immersive 360 for VRHeadsets

Here are a collection of fun VRGetaways I enjoyed at Zions National Park, and there are many more coming.

First Treasure I Found At Emerald Pools
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What Treasure Did I Find at Emerald Pools and Waterfalls? 

Can you guess what treasure I found at Emerald Pools?  I found quite a few, so grab your VRHeadset and transport yourself on this Immersive 360 VRGetaway to the gorgeous Emerald Pool and their waterfalls in Zions National Park Utah. 

Information about Emerald Pools Hike

  • Best for a spring hike when the waterfalls are flowing and the pools are pretty and clear. 
  • Lower Pools is only 1.2 miles, 2 miles to do middle, and 2.5 round trip to do all three. The hikes get more strenous as you get to the third Upper Pool.  Level of hike is Easy for Lower, and Moderate to Upper
  • Recommended for ages 8 up.  Lots of stairs are going to make it rougher for people with bad knees.

Second Learn to do Stemming with Steve

Can't Wait to get the rest of these videos ready for you.  They are coming soon!

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