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VR Adventures Zions National Park

Zions National Park VRGetaways 

in Immersive 360 for VRHeadsets

Here are a collection of fun VR Getaways I enjoyed at Zions National Park, and there are many more coming.
VR Canyoneering Pine Creek Canyon Zions

Pine Creek Slot Canyon descends 900 feet in 13 rappels, the longest being 100 feet with a double rappel needing 300 feet of rope.  This goes deep into the subterranean levels of Zions National Park between the Tunnel and Canyon Overlook. This was my first canyoneering adventure, and it was into muddy very cold water, so to say this was difficult to film with my nerves, the cold,, and needing to be focused on staying alive is an understatement.  You can imagine that controlling motion,  and to keep lenses clean was pretty impossible. It was a great trial run though for me.  I learned a ton, gained confidence in canyoneering, had a blast with my friends, and am able to say I conquered something really challenging!  So if you can handle a little bit of motion for just 3 minutes, this will be a VR Adventure you will definitely not want to miss!

Information about Pine Creek Canyon
  • Pine Creek Canyon is one of those Canyoneering places you have to apply and get a slot.  It is usually a few months ahead so you can figure out who your group will be. A group can be up to 10 people.  My friend Paul managed to get a slot here in early June, and invited me to go.  I had never done repelling, so I said yes, but that meant I needed to dig in and get some training completed before going.  Training is best if you can find a location that has a free repel on a section.  I was glad I did that training and that I had someone like Paul and his sister there to watch my back and help keep me safe.  
  • Pine Creek Canyon has 6 rappels with the longest being 100 feet, but is a double rappel so it is really more like 120 feet.  It starts at the east end of the tunnel in Zions National Park, and the exit is right before the tunnel entrance on the west side. The rappels go deep into the sub-terrain levels of  Zions to some crazy cool dark slot canyons.  Some of the rappels have trick angular starts that makes the start of the rappel a little funky, but if you are with someone you trust and who is experienced they not too bad.  So if the height of the huge 100 foot free rappel is not too crazy for you, the other things that are challenging is the cold water, and exit.  
  • Many of the rappels drop you right into water that is quite cold since it seldom sees light, so a wet suit is a must.  We had one person in our group with only a short knee length wet suits and he was shivering SO badly.  I wore a wet suit on top of my comfy clothes, and had an old pair of leggings, wool socks, and an old jacket on top of my wet suit and I didn't get too cold.  I was worried I I had on too many layers, but I was glad I had that many layers on.  I still found my teeth rattling at times, but I didn't feel like my core was in trouble. 
  • The exit is rough hiking, and I was warned a ton about this. I had some great people in my group, and I was told that if anything stressed me out, to just get on my tummy and slide down feet first and have someone there to catch me if I need it.  I did that often, and I didn't hate the exit as much as I thought I would. 

Treasure I Found At Emerald Pools

What Treasure Did I Find at Emerald Pools and Waterfalls? 

Can you guess what treasure I found at Emerald Pools?  I found quite a few, so grab your VRHeadset and transport yourself on this Immersive 360 VRGetaway to the gorgeous Emerald Pool and their waterfalls in Zions National Park Utah. 

Information about Emerald Pools Hike

  • Best for a spring hike when the waterfalls are flowing and the pools are pretty and clear. 
  • Lower Pools is only 1.2 miles, 2 miles to do middle, and 2.5 round trip to do all three. The hikes get more strenous as you get to the third Upper Pool.  Level of hike is Easy for Lower, and Moderate to Upper
  • Recommended for ages 8 up.  Lots of stairs are going to make it rougher for people with bad knees.

Learn to do Stemming with Steve

If you don't know how to do stemming, this VR Getaway is a fun way to learn in the beautiful Keyhole Cayon. 

More videos are coming.  Can't Wait to get the rest of these videos ready for you.  They are coming soon!

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