Utah Lake Shore Trail in 360 Degrees

Sunset on the Utah Lake Shore Trail
Sunset on the Utah Lake Shore Trail

Utah Lake Shore Trail in 360 Degrees

  • About 2 miles long if you connect the vineyard section to the Sunset Beach Area. 
  • Great for ALL ages.
  • Everything but the connection section would be fine to bike or skateboard on.
  • The sounds of the variety of birds and frogs in the evening is really enjoyable.
  • The sunsets from this trail are really gorgeous.
  • 40 Min South of SLC - By Orem Utah
  • No elevation gain
  • Easy Hike - Level 1 (at the end of sunset beach trail stay left to cross the bridge for super easy, cross over cement barricade and follow trail down to beach to find swing, the sand, and step over rocks to cross the stream.
Utah Lake at Sunset
Utah Lake at Sunset

VR 360 Video of Soothing Lake Sounds Sunrise to Sunset

This VR 360 Getaway for VR Headset ended up being one of my favorites.  I love the calming effect it has, and I just feel relaxed after watching it virtually.  The birds and he sounds of the lapping water are calming, and the cloud timelapse is so fun to watch the cloud shadows race across the Utah Valley Mountains.  So what are you waiting for.  Grab a VR Headset and enjoy some "Me Time" to relax and get some Nature Therapy to fight the blues and boost the feeling of happiness.  Open a bottle of your favorite essential oil and  boost the Nature Therapy even more.  

There is something about hiking near water that is just healing.  There are many studies going on in the world documenting that being out in nature boosts the immune system, heals depressions, and helps increase creativity.  So as I was craving a hike by water to get a little healing, the thought to give the new trails at Utah Lake came to mind.  I was so glad it did.  This was a delightful evening stroll.  The views of the lake at sunset are very beautiful.  The sounds of the various birds in the brush is calming.  Watching the sail boats out on the lake was peaceful.  The snow covered mountains in the beautiful Utah Valley turning a bright pink in the evening is a stunning thing, but my favorite thing was swinging in the swing on the beach.  It brought a huge smile to my face.  Your Father in Heaven so wants you to feel joy, and this hike will hand out joy for anyone willing to relax and reach out and grab it.  So here is my 5 Challenges for you to help you Relax and hopefully increase your Joy TODAY!

Utah Lake at Sunset
Utah Lake at Sunset

Challenge 1:

Take a Swing on the Beach of Utah Lake, and Listen the Bubbling Brook Wind its Way on the Last Stretch to the Lake.

Swing on the Utah Lake Shore Trail just in front of the stream heading into Utah Lake
Swing on the Utah Lake Shore Trail.

360 Trail By The Swing.  

(I Apologize for the Trail arrows being off.  Street View has Taken Away my Controls on Fixing Them.)

Fun Spring Greens in the Stream heading into Utah Lake.

Challenge 2:

Take Some Really Deep Breaths While Enjoying the Beautiful Utah Snow Covered Mountains all Lit Up Pink.

The Beautiful Utah Snow Covered Mountains all Lit Up Pink.
The Beautiful Utah Snow Covered Mountains all Lit Up Pink. 

If you are curious my route I took, I went from Sunset Beach that is just south of the Boat Dock off the Pleasant Grove Exit.  I headed North first to the boat Dock, and then I headed South.  It goes on the road for a moment, and then onto a dirt trail and wanders in the sand closer to the shore where you find the swing, and the small stream. Then it heads back up and behind the new neighborhood in Vineyard.  It all is enjoyable. 

With all the new building happening in Vineyard, this trail is must longer than I expected.  You get the Sunset Beach area by the Boat Docks, and then you get a Dirt Trail that goes down to a Sandy Beach, and then you get a nice Paved Trail behind some beautiful new homes on the edge of Utah Lake.  It was just as relaxing to me as walking around Mirror Lake.  That is also a really enjoyable Lake.  You can check it out here.

Challenge 3:

Try and Count How Many Varieties of Birds You Can See or Hear Around the Lake.

Crane on Utah Lake
Can you see the Crane on the Shore of the Lake?

I first thought this was a Pelican, but then I thought maybe a Crane.  What do you think?
Below is him talking off.

The Birds Can be Found All Over on Utah Lake.  Ducks Swimming in the Lake, Robins in the Trees Cranes and Pelicans in the Lake, Baby Ducklings in the Grass, Mating Bird Calls on the Shore.  They are all in abundance around the Lake.

Ducks on Lake

Taking some Bird Food and feeding the Birds would be delightful.

Challenge 4:

Sit and Enjoy Views of the Beautiful Sail Boats on the Lake.  

Peaceful Sailboats Guild Over Utah Lake
Peaceful Sailboats Guild Over Utah Lake

Challenge 5:

Try You Hand At Getting The Most Beautiful Sunset Picture on Utah Lake

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