Coalpit Gulch Waterfall Little Cottonwood Canyon

Right Side of Coalpit Gulch Waterfall
Right Side of Coalpit Gulch Waterfall

Coalpit Gulch Waterfall 

off Little Cottonwood Creek Trail

The Coalpit Gulch waterfall one of those hikes that is AMAZING, but is not very popular either because it is seasonal and doesn't run year round, or because it is close to another waterfall that is rappelling waterfall and not for hikers and the 2 hikes get mixed up with each other.  I think this is the reason it is not on most hiking lists, but if you are looking for a hike NOT in the middle of summer, this one is a brilliant one that is not well known.

Video of Walk up to Coalpit Gulch Waterfall

Below is a 2D Video link if you like that better.

Link for 2D Video of Walk up to Coalpi Gulch Waterfall

My happy accident finding this waterfall.

So the other morning I was enjoying Lisa Falls in Little Cottonwood Canyon, and when I finished I decided just on a whim to just wander around Little Cottonwood Creek Trail.  I walked up for a while, then down, and took all the cute side trails that went down by the river to just soak the nature in.  I loved watching the river and the surrounding mountains looking for the unique pictureques spots and just let myself feel the awe of Gods Creations.  I had walked down the trail for about 1.5 miles until I had crossed 2 bridges, and I was noticing how beautiful those white cliffs were through the trees on both sides of the trail.  Then I noticed a small side trail off to the left, and decided to explore the trail and see if it went to some gorgeous photo op.  Well it definitely did, I hiked for a little ways and my jaw dropped, for there in front of me was the tallest waterfall I think I have ever seen in Utah. I wondered why I had not run across this falls in all my searching, and I think it is because it is one of those Spring only falls, and dries up, so it is not on those AllTrails type lists.  That was so great for me, for I am still trying to be super careful, and this trail still felt safe, and was spectacular.  It was so great I couldn't wait to take my friends up again a few days later.

Left Side of the base of Coalpit Gulch Waterfall
Left Side of the base of Coalpit Gulch Waterfall

Information about the Hike

  • Hike is a about 30 min east of SLC and about 10 min drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon.
  • I would put directions for Lisa Falls into your Google Maps.  Park there and if there 
  • are not too many cars quickly check out Lisa Falls for it is amazing. Here is my blog post on Lisa Falls if you care to look. 
  • Link to Post on Lisa Falls 
    Lisa Falls
    Lisa Falls Trail just Across Street from Coalpit Gulch Waterfall Trailhead
  • After you get to Lisa Falls parking, cross the street, and enjoy the trail along the Little Cottonwood Creek.  I personally really enjoyed the spur trails along the river going east, but to get to the Coalpit Gulch Falls, you need to go WEST.  
  • You need to pay attention to the bridges, after you cross the second bridge, there is a small trail   that heads LEFT (South) , head up that trail, and it will first wander through some thick trees, then it opens up and you will see piles of dead trees from an avalanche.  Here is the Google Map Pin for the Location if that helps. 
  • Then LOOK UP, and be prepared for your jaw to hit the ground, it is just that awesome! 

Base of Coalpit Gulch Waterfall
Base of Coalpit Gulch Waterfall

Here is an awesome post of a climber who climbed to the top of Coalpit Gulch and took some awesome pictures of the top section of the waterfall.

Top and Bottom View of Coalpit Gulch Waterfall
Top and Bottom View of Coalpit Gulch Waterfall

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