Immersive Laketime at Ashley National Forest - Red Fleet

Immersive Paddleboarding Ashley National Forest - Red Fleet

Immersive Laketime at Red Fleet

 - Ashley National Forest -

- VR Nature Vacation -

I love how life is so much more when you are driven by a passion and a goal.  My passion has been in the 360 world, and I am constantly grateful for the insights and knowledge of my hubby who has much more knowledge in the photo video world.  My hubby's passions are constantly changing, for he is talented at so many things, but his current passion and goal is to catch fish at 100 different lakes.  We call it our 100 lakes 100 fish goal.  It is beneficial to both of us, for we are traveling all over to various lakes to see if we can catch a fish in it so we can count it in our goal.  This Immersive VR Nature Vacation Getaway lets you join us as we travel around Ashley National Forest trying to add lakes to our goal.  We succeeded in getting lakes 37, 38 and 39 in this video, and I caught fish at 2 of the lakes!  I adored this area, for it felt like a mini Lake Powell.  It was a fantastic vacation, and I am so excited for you to grab a VR Headset so you can transport yourself to join us virtually.  So what are you waiting for?  The benefits of Nature Therapy are amazing for you mental health!  

 So open a bottle of Cypress Oil, get a nice breeze going, curl up on a comfy chair, and transport yourself to this beautiful location for some wonderful Nature Therapy.  If you haven't heard of Nature Therapy, I will share with you what they have discovered.  They have found that being Immersed in nature boosts the chemicals in your body that are linked with feeling happy.  They have also found that Cypress oil and an Immersive Virtual Version can also have a similar affect, so what are you waiting for.  Enjoy some "Me Time" today and transport yourself to somewhere beautiful for an awe moment. Just search ShaunasAdventures on OculusTV, YouTubeVR, or the link below.  If you have an Oculus Headset, I like using the Oculus Portfolio link the best, for it takes out the issues of WiFi speed.  You just click on the Place you want to travel to virtually, and is uploads it to your Oculus Headset and is on the main screen of your Oculus for the next 10 minutes.  Here is my Oculus Portfolio Link

Oculus Portfolio Link

VR 360 Video.  If you are viewing on a 2D screen, make sure you move and look around.  If you watch from a VR Headset version, you are inside the video, and it magically transports you here. 

Information about the lakes we visited at Ashley National Forest

  • This area is about 4 hours east of Salt Lake City.  We paried it with Strawberry Reservoir and Flaming Gorge and was a wonderful lake vacation. If you want to know more about Strawbetter or Flaming Gorge you can check out those seperate posts.   
  • Flaming Gorge Link
  • Our first stop in Ashley National Forest was Red Fleet.  I LOVE this lake for the one side feels like a mini Lake Powell, but the Camping here is REALLY BAD.  Total parking lot camping. From the campground they have divided the lake.  Left of the campground is all wakeless area and is wonderful for Kayakers and Paddleboarders and is the prettiest area.  This is so nice, for it keeps the fear of a boat causing harm away.  If you paddle straight across from the campground there is the awesome overhang, and the Dinosaur footprints.  If you have a boat, this area has some beautiful coves to explore.  
  • Our second stop was Flaming Gorge, (Which is a seperate post). Then we headed to Browne Lake.  We showed up to this lake and it was quiet and peaceful in the morning.  Some cute older couples were fishing next to the parking area.  We headed across the dam and bridge to the rocky area.  We caught fish here (making this lake 37 in our 100 Lakes 100 Fish goal) and I saw some kind of cute animal swimming along the biggest rock on that side.  He had skin like a headhog, and a tail like a rat, and HUGE eyes.  His body was only about 8 inches long and chubby.  We sat and looked at each other for quite a while before he headed off.  I was so sad I didn't have my camera close by me. :(  
  • Our third stop was Sheep Creek.  Didn't have much luck fishing here so we headed on.
  • Our Fourth stop was Long Park Lake.  This lake has a great beach, and tons of trees on the endge to hang hammocks.  We didn't have luck at first here, but then we moved over by the inlet and caught, so this made out Lake 38 in our 100 Lakes 100 Fish goal!
  • We headed out towards Wyoming and caught at one more lake at sunset making our count at 39 lakes!!

2D Trailer for Ashley National Forest VR Getaway

If you don't have a VR Headset, they are so much fun.  I have enjoyed mine often to excercise when I can't hit a trail outdoors, and to virtually travel the world. It is so wonderful for my physical and mental health.  Here are links to some great VR Headsets.  Definitely worth it! 

For the Virtual Reality Experience, I love to open a bottle of Cypress, get a nice breeze blowing on me, curl up in a comfy chair, and transport myself here or any of the other fun Nature Experience in my Oculus Portfolio.  It is a wonderful postive boost from Nature Therapy that helps fight depression and help you feel happier. Try it out. Here is my Virtual Reality Oasis of  VR Nature Vacations!