Zebra Slot Canyon in 360 Degrees Escalante Utah

Zebra Slot Canyon Escalante Utah
Zebra Slot Canyon Escalante Utah

Zebra Slot Canyon in 360 Degrees Escalante Utah

  • 5.5 hours South of SLC - 1.5 hour min South East of Bryce Canyon
  • Not Overcrowded
  • Ages 8 and Above
  • Slot Canyon is short unless you do Stemming or Chimneying (using your back and feet as braces to move further into the slot. )    
  • About 3 miles round trip (6.6 if you combine with Tunnel Slot)
  • About 442 feet elevation
  • Easy Hike - Level 2
We did Zebra Slot and Tunnel Slot together. So you still drive down Hole in the Rock road about 10 miles until you see a parking lot just past the cattle guard.  This is the parking lot, and the trail is across the street.
The trail seemed much easier to follow for Zebra than Tunnel slot, but I still would make sure that on any Escalante hike you have an external GPS and a downloaded map and a paper map.  The walk to Zebra Slot is beautiful with lots of wave patterns and beautiful cliffs. Take a walk on the 360 path below.

When we arrived at Zebra Slot it appeared to me on my All Trails map to be just a very short slot.  It got very narrow really quickly, but I soon realized that we missed the most scenic part.  I just needed to use a little wedging and work my way through the marrow part a little higher so I could continue.  I also read that the there are times in the year that you need to swim up the canyon.  That actually might be even  easier if it was warm.

Todd in Zebra Canyon
Video of Todd in Zebra Canyon

We paired this hike with Tunnel Arch.  It was also an amazing spot. You can check that hike out here when you are done.

Zebra Slot Canyon Escalante Utah

360 short walk up canyon

Here is the Walk from the Other side in case you got stuck.  

This is a side canyon next to Zebra that was also fabulous.  

Side Canyon off Zebra Slot Canyon Escalante Utah
Side Canyon off Zebra Slot Canyon Escalante Utah

Another Video of Zebra Slot

If you liked this area click on the Google Earth Link of this area then click on the little dude, then any blue line or dot to see more.

If you would like to see my favorite hikes in Escalante, here is a GoogleList with all my Escalante Favorites on a map.

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