Ding and Dang Canyon San Rafael Swell in 360 Degrees



Ding and Dang Canyon 360 Adventure Hike 

San Rafael Swell, Utah

  • 5 hours South of SLC - 1 hour min South of Bryce Canyon
  • DO  NOT TRY THIS CANYON UNLESS YOU ARE AT LEAST A LEVEL 4 HIKER.  It is tough.  Many people get stuck in here  
  • Epic Adventure IF You Can Conquer It!
  • Around 8.5 miles.  
  • Bring lots of water. 
  • About 830 feet elevation
  • Very Difficult Hike - Level 4
I thought I read enough about this trail that I knew there was a drop off that was difficult that I would need help on, but most did not sound like it would be super hard.  This hike is a

Difficult Hike, but an EPIC hike.  

 There is a sign at the entrance that reminds you that this hike is a level 4 hike and warns about how many people have gone in and had to be rescued to get out, or got hurt.  After seeing the sign I decided that I had 2 options.  I would be smart and make sure that I did not go anywhere I could not easily come back out of, or if I was lucky and someone came that was going in and had successfully made it through this canyon I would ask if they would be willing to help me get through with them.  Two guys drove up a few minutes later and they were willing to help me, so I headed up.  Problem is that this canyon has a lot more than just one spot that is tough.  There was at least 10 spots that I looked at and thought I have no idea how I am going to get through this.  If I could have returned back 1/4 the way in I would have and not been such a burden to the 2 Geologist guy Stephen and James from Edinburgh, Scotland that were here doing studies here in Utah.  They were so helpful.  I was proud I never freaked out too bad, but I have been freaked out ever since I got home that I made it through this crazy hike and extremely grateful I survived with only a few scraps and cuts.  This post looks a little boring for it is mostly 360 spheres.  I did this hike after Crack Canyon, and I was already tired.  It was a struggle to keep up and keep just my 360 camera working in the heat.  There was a point that my 360 camera overheated because it was so hot, and I had to start my backup camera that was scratched up in Spooky Gulch.   So I apologize for the scratches.  I also had to turn it off multiple times where I was more stressed about surviving that dealing with the camera.   

I am going to go backwards from the end of the hike to the beginning here.

The 360 below is our last slot we came out of.
Here is a crazy 360 of James in a Spread Eagle Pose in the Slot.  Just rotate the image a little to the right.

Heading down into the Slot. I actually was looking forward to practicing the skill of using your back against one wall of a slot and your feet almost perpendicular to your butt and working your way down a slot.  I had only done it once and and it was when I was pregnant with my first child so I was eager to try it again.  It was a big drop off, but definitely not as scary as some of the other spots.

These is a cool area of a slot, the first part getting in and the last drop off at the end were the tricky parts.

Here are some cool video links of making it through some of the tough Spots in the Canyon.


This is such a good 360 view of how amazingly tall the cliffs are, and how much of a drop we have to do to get out of here.  Make sure you move around the sphere to see it all.

This 360 is a crazy example of what I had to do about 4 times on this hike.  There was either a section that was too big of a drop for me to deal with, or too steep for me to climb and Stephen would route me around the tough spots, but if you look around you can tell it was nerve racking for it was always a very steep drop off and I was always on a pretty narrow ledge.  Freaky!

I didn't always skirt around the drop offs.  Here I am getting down pretty good, but of course this is not one of the tough ones.  :)

Ding and Dang Slot Canyon, San Rafael Swell, Utah
Stopping for a Photo Op

Above is video of the awesome slot canyon we are heading into. 
Here is another spot that they guys are heading down the steep drop offs, and I am going the easier way down along the ledge. 

Amazing tall canyon walls.  If the 360 image is not coming in, click on the BLUE View on Google Maps button.

Another Steep Crazy spot to climb  up.

And another one.  How am I going to get up this darn thing. :)  
And Another crazy spot.  CRAZY!!!

This is the important spot in the trail where Ding and Dang split.  You need to take the left side of Ding first. 
Another Video.  They make it look so easy...it is not.

If you like this area and wish to see more, just click on the Ding and Dang Google Earth link.
Google Earth Ding & Dang Link
, then click on the little dude in the bottom corner, then any blue line or dot to see more.


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