Silver Glance Lake in 360 Degrees Lone Peak Wilderness Area up American Fork Canyon Alpine, Utah

Silver Lake Glance up American Fork Canyon, Utah

Silver Glance Lake in 360 Degrees

Information about Silver Glance Lake

  • 70 min South East of SLC
  • You have to Drive a Dirt Road to Silver Lake Flat which usually requires a 4 wheel drive vehicle.
  • Trail starts after you first hike from Silver Lake Flat to Silver Lake which is about 3 miles up, and then it heads up a steep 1 to 1.5 mile hike more up to Silver Lake Glance
  • The Views of Silver Lake are really beautiful from the trail.
  • This trail has really unique white boulders and cliffs and lots of wild flowers that makes it a really beautiful journey.  
  • This lake can sometimes be a spot where you can catch seeing a moose.  Gorgeous spot if you can.  Just stay your distance and enjoy the view if you do. 

The name Silver Lake can get so confusing, for there are so many lakes named Silver something especially in American Fork Canyon, Lone Peak Wilderness.  If you pass Tibble Fork in American Fork Canyon, and head to the left, you drive a dirt road up to Silver Lake Flat Reservoir.  (Picture below.)  Here is my link to my walk around

Immersive VR 360 Getaway to Silver Lake Flat with a few shots from Sliver Lake for VR Headsets.  Just throw on a VR Headset and Search "ShaunasAdventures" on OculusTV, YouTubeVR, or use my Oculus Portfolio Link. 

 Link to Silver Lake Flat Reservoir

Silver Lake Flat Reservoir American Fork Canyon,Utah
On the  north side of that lake is a restroom and a trail. If you take that trail it will take you up to Silver Lake (Picture below).  As the crow flys it is 2.5 miles up, but when you walk the switchbacks it is 3.5 miles.  Took me 2 hours to get to Silver lake.  Here is my blog post on
 Silver lake Hike.

 Link to Silver Lake - AFCanyon

Silver Lake Up In Lone Peak Wilderness Area American Fork Canyon,Utah


My hiking buddy and I wanted a training hike to get ready to hike the top of Timp, so our Goal was Silver lake Glance which is a little over a mile past Silver lake.  So as you get to Silver Lake, we turned right at Silver Lake and then watched for a trail heading off to the right.  (There is also a trail that heads right before you get to Silver lake.)

 Hiking Silver Lake and Silver lake Glance does not disappoint in the Wild Flowers.  

Wild Flowers From Silver Lake To Silver Lake Glance in Lone Peak Wilderness Area; American Fork Canyon,Utah

So I read the climb would be steep, hard, and narrow, so I started a little worried that I would be scared of slipping and sliding on rocks.  I was happily surprised that I did not have any problem following the trail, and the steep was not paired with loose rock (which made me super happy).  I got a great workout without any stress and AMAZING VIEWS from all three of the lakes.. Silver Lake Reservoir, Silver Lake, and then Silver Lake Glance.

Below is a Fun 360 Degree Walk through some very Pretty Yellow Wild Flowers.  Notice the trail is not too wide (which I like), the pretty mountain ahead is where we are heading,  and if you rotate around you can see the a beautiful view of Silver Lake behind us. Of course, make sure you click on the forward and backwards arrows to see more. 

360 Silver Glance Trail

360 Trail - Notice All the Wild Flowers!

360 Trail to Silver Lake Glance

The best parts of the hike were turning around and getting beautiful views of Silver lake below.  Amazing views. 

Wild Flowers on Hike to Silver Lake Glance

Silver Lake Glance in Lone Peak Wilderness Area American Fork Canyon, Utah

Video at Silver Lake Glance, just click on it, and it will come up.

Below we are heading back down to Silver Lake which was a gorgeous walk down.  It took us only an hour and a half to get up to Silver Lake Glance and back, so we decided we had time for a quick loop around the lake.  

Silver Lake from the North East Corner on our route down from Silver Lake Glance

If you liked this area, there is so much more of it you can still enjoy.  Just click on the

 Silver Lake Glance G Earth Link

 G Earth Link Here

Then click on the little dude in the bottom corner.  Then any blue line or Dot to see more.
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