Wolf Man Panel Bluff, Utah in 360 Degrees


Wolf Man Panel Bluff Utah in 360 Degrees

The Wolfman Panel is just in that cave in the top left corner.  
I was here in early spring, and it was still snowing up in Northern Utah, so it put a huge smile on my face to see these early beautiful flowers on the edge of this crazy cliff.  Sometimes in life we placed in tough situations, but just try to still BLOOM.  Your courage amidst trials is noticed, and we LOVE you for your STRENGTH, and we ADMIRE you for you FIGHT.  BLOOM ON, for even if you feel like no one notices, GOD NOTICES YOUR FIGHT, and He love you even more than you can imagine for your DETERMINATION to show GOODNESS and LOVE to the world. 

Wolfman Panel in Bluff Utah is an Indian Pictograph where the detail is amazing.  I left at such a beautiful time for this hike, for the sun was setting and the views into this canyon were gorgeous, however I was solo and it was getting dark.  There is a section of the trail you have to do a little bit of a drop and you are on a cliff edge.  I would have been fine if I would have had a buddy with me, but I play it very safe when I am solo, so unfortunately I did not make it all the way to the end. 
Below is a Photo by South West Brown Eyes That made it down all the way to the Panel.  Check out their Link Below for more info on this hike, and more awesome photos of this area.

360 Trail to Wolfman Panel looking down into Butler Canyon and walking along the Cliff Walls.


To get to the Wolfman Panel, you head to Bluff, Utah.  Then you head on US-191S 6 miles of about 10 minutes.  Before I head out to a hike, I download  an offline map in Google maps of the area I am traveling to so Google Maps did a pretty good job getting me there.  Unfortunately it stops and says you have arrived when you are perpendicular to the cave, and unless you have rope gear, that is not the correct trail head.  I have tried to fix this, but am not sure yet if it is corrected.  You need to go just a little further until you see a road off to your left.  You want to turn down that road and travel all the way to the parking lot on that dirt road. If you took the right road it should look like the picture below.  

Trail Head to Wolfman Panel

Here is an Arial Google Earth View so you can see the road and the turn and the hike and how far I got, and the route to the Wolfman Panel.  The blue line is the partial Google Earth Trail I made, and if you click on the link below, and then the little dude in the corner, then you can click on any blue line or dot to see more.  It is a little bit of a tricky trail where you do need to watch the Cairns to get the safe way to this area, so keep your eyes always open, for missing one could lead you to a scary place fast.
  Wolfman Petroglyph Panel Google Earth Link

Looking Across to Comb Ridge down into Butler Wash
Looking Across to Comb Ridge down into Butler Wash

360 Degree Trail walking toward Cliff Edge, seeing Comb Ridge across from Butler Wash 

If you like this Feeling of Being Way Above things way down below, you would also enjoy ISLAND IN THE SKY hike in CANYONLANDS
It is a easy hike that you can hike close to the edge or safely in a ways, but it is amazing to be up so high and see birds fly below you.  It is quite the unforgettable experience. 

This Beautiful Flower on the Edge of the Cliff is a type of Indian Paintbrush
This Beautiful Flower on the Edge of the Cliff is a type of Indian Paintbrush.  

Knowing that this Indian Paintbrush existed on route to this Indian Artists Dwelling makes me curious as to what other art this Indian created with this plant.  Doesn't it kinda makes you want to grab a paintbrush and get some paint on a canvas?  :)  Well, here is some beautiful Indian Paintings if you would rather have a professional do something amazing for you!  

Looking Across to Comb Ridge
Looking Across to Comb Ridge

Another Great Website with information about the Hike.

Another Panel with a few marks on it, but nothing as amazing as the Wolfman Panel down in the Cave below.
Below is another link of a great website with more information about this trail. 


There is something that just feels Native and awesome about these HUGE Towers.


GRANDSTAFF CANYON has the similar tall Cliffs and Canyon, but you are winding your way in the bottom.  It is a very cool hike.