Double O Arch D Garden Primative Loop - VR Nature Vacation

Navajo Arch in Arches National Park Dev.l's Garden Primitive Loop

Double O Arch or D's Garden Primitive Loop Arches in 360 Degrees

If you have a little bit of an Adventuresome Spirit, then this is a trail you will absolutely LOVE.  It has is all.  Great get your heart rate up challenges without much real danger, amazing views that will definitely WOW you, and 9 unique and amazing natural arches all in one hike (2 are trickier to find so most find only 7).  It also is so interesting that it doesn't even feel that long even though it is 7.5 miles.

If you can't make it here today, I have an Immersive VR360 Getaway version that is also awesome.  Just Grab a VR Headset, and transport yourself here. Just search ShaunasAdventures on OculusTV, YouTubeVR or use my Oculus Portfolio Link . 

YouTubeVR Immersive VR 360 Nature Vacation Getaway to Arches National Park


This Garden Primitive Loop is quite the adventure and not for the Faint of Heart, for there are 3 places on the trail where you have to Walk the Fin over to the next spot, and the fins really have drop offs on both sides of you.  It sounds scarier than it really is, and I watch tons of kids to older adults all braving the Fins!  It definitely shakes your nerves a little, but then you realize it is not that bad, and you feel pretty excited that you accomplished it! You definitely want shoes with good traction, and you don't want to do this hike if it was wet and slippery, but it is a way cool adventure otherwise!  
Is this really the trail!  
Walk with me up the Fin! Click on the Video Below

Those Dots in the top middle are people coming down the Fin.  First Fin...Here I come! Crossing Fin Devils Garden Primitive Loop Arches National Park
Those Dots in the top middle are people coming down the Fin.  First Fin...Here I come!

2D Trailer Short for Immersive Getaway to Double O Arch

Walking the Fin Close to Double O Arch.

360 Trail Walking the Fin


Arches National Park is a wonderland of amazing sites.  In the area by Double O Arch it is Fin after fin in this columns.  It is quite fascinating to see from afar, but crazy to walk along the top of one.  In this trail you get to walk a fin 4 times.
Fins in Arches National Park Close to Double O Arch


The Garden Primitive Loop is so so great for not only do you get an adventure of a lifetime, but in one trail you get to see 9 different Arches that are all very unique and beautiful. You do have to take the side trails off to see them, but they are all worth the journey.   Here is a trail map to see all 9 arches.
National Park Service Map of Arches

 I made it to 7 of the Arches. Check out all the arches below.


Landscape Arch is probably one of the most famous of the arches on this trail. This super thin arch is a marvel that it continues to stand strong among such opposition and admired for its strength even  dealing with its frailties. May we be like this arch.  The Lord knows we have weaknesses/frailties, and we were given them for a purpose to grow and become better.  May we push ourselves to still be strong and be the best version of ourselves, yet not be overly hard on ourselves about our weaknesses.  If you keep trying your best to be strong amidst your weaknesses/frailties, you'll find the Lord will help you overcome your weaknesses/frailties and hopefully you will see that the Lord will be looking down on you with pride that you are as beautiful in his eyes as this arch is to us.  

Landscape Arch -  Arches National Park 

360 Google Earth Trail at between Landscape Arch and Partition Arch

To get to Partition Arch you have to detour off the main trail, and then there is a split to see both Partition Arch and Navajo Arch.  Just watch got the trail signs for directions.


Partition Arch (a side trail just off  the Devils Garden Primitive Loop Trail)

360 Trail at Partition Arch

Partition Arch from the Front (above is from the backside)
Partition Arch from the front side (Above picture is from the backside.)


Approaching Navajo Arch. It looks more like a Cave up ahead.  

360 Trail by Navajo Arch.

Yeah the trail goes up on that Fin Again!  


Double O Arch - Devils Garden Primitive Loop -  Aches National Park
Double O Arch - De.ils Garden Primitive Loop -  Aches National Park

A few months ago I was reading the book "The Nature Fix" that goes over many studies they have been doing that are all proving that getting out into nature is healing in so many ways, especially hitting a trail that has a WOW factor.  They are finding that it boosts your immune system by astonishing amounts. It increases creativity.  It has positive healing effects for those with depression issues.   Of course if you are hiking with a group the social bonds are extremely beneficial in your life. I would also add in that it is builds a positive relationship with the man upstairs.  You can't look at the gorgeous creations and not know that there really is a God, and then hopefully go past that and feel humbled by his greatness and grateful for the beautiful creations. 

2D Trailer for Immersive Nature Experience at Periodic Springs and Snake River

Palisades, Periodic Springs, and Snake River are a beautiful combo if you are thinking about heading to Wyoming for the cooler weather. So many other events you can add to it, like horseback riding, or Jackson hole, or the Tetons.  

If you don't have a VR Headset, they are so much fun.  I have enjoyed mine often to excercise when I can't hit a trail outdoors, and to virtually travel the world. It is so wonderful for my physical and mental health.  Here are links to some great VR Headsets.  Definitely worth it! 

For the Virtual Reality Experience, I love to open a bottle of Cypress, get a nice breeze blowing on me, curl up in a comfy chair, and transport myself here or any of the other fun Nature Experience in my Oculus Portfolio.  It is a wonderful postive boost from Nature Therapy that helps fight depression and help you feel happier. Try it out. 


5th Arch is Black Arch Overlook

Black Arch Overlook - Devil's Garden Loop

Black Arch at the Black Arch Overlook on the Devil's Garden Primitive Loop Trail Arches National Park
Black Arch at the Black Arch Overlook on the Devil's Garden Primitive Loop Trail Arches National Park

6th Arch is PINE TREE ARCH.  

360 Trail Pine Tree Arch

Pine Tree Arch Arches National Park Devils Garden Primitive Loop Trail
Pine Tree Arch Arches National Park Devils Garden Primitive Loop Trail


7th Arch is TUNNEL ARCH

Tunnel Arch - Devil's Garden Primitive  Loop Trail
Tunnel Arch - Dev.l's Garden Primitive  Loop Trail

360 Trail by Tunnel Arch in Arches National Park

Rotate to the right to see Tunnel Arch

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