Shafer Canyon Overlook Canyonlands Island In The Sky in 360 Degrees


Shafer Canyon Overlook Canyonlands 
Island In The Sky in 360 Degrees 

Shafer Canyon has 2 big draws.  It has short beautiful hike to an overlook, and it has a road where the Switchbacks are so tight you have to back up to make it around the turn on a very steep hill.  It is one of those dirt roads you pray you don't run into anyone coming the other direction or you will be in trouble, and is listed as one of North America's most dangerous roads.  You can see from the picture above that it is crazy steep, and has extremely tight turns, but you have to watch thew video below of driving on this road to really understand how crazy cool or terrifying this drive is.

Video Driving the Shafer Canyon Road

I found this video on an awesome blog called Dangerous Roads.  If you liked the above video and you are dying to try driving this, check out this blog post.  A great blog on this place and the drive is 

This road was first built to haul out Uranium out of the mines, but now is just a crazy cool road that you don't want to be near when it is icy or raining or if you are afraid of heights.  

Above you can see more of the road heading off after the steep decline.

The second draw to Shafer Canyon, is that it is just a sweet little hike to Gorgeous Views.  It is one of the First of the Island In The Sky Hikes in Canyonlands, and you can start getting a feeling for what this area is all about.....Amazing views on the top of very tall cliffs.  
I walked this area for Google Earth, and you can enjoy a taste of this hike by going to the link.

 Click on the little dude in the bottom corner, and then click on any area you wish to see more about.  My trail is the blue line from the parking circle in the middle going off down and to the right to the overlook.  

If you are curious about trying out a 360 Video with some VR googles, here is a 360 video of a section of the hike.  More can be found on my You Tube Channel by typing in Shafer Canyon You Tube and ShaunasAdventures.

Click on this link to see these video in real 360 degrees on You Tube. Click on these links

This little narrow alley was a fun find out my the tip of the overlook, and it was fun climbing up and to the other side where there was a gorgeous over look that is  below.

Picture below is on the opposite side of the above picture.

Below are some more Panoramas of the different sides of the Overlook.

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