Oowah Lake Great Fishing in 360 Degrees

OohWah Lake Manti La Sal Mountains by Moab Utah

360 Adventure Oowah Lake

13 Fish in One Hour - Manti La Sal -Moab

  • 4.5 Hours South East of SLC
  • Cute little quaint lake
  • Cute Trail around lake is about 1-1.5 miles
  • Good Fishing
  • Easy Trail - Level 1

While in Moab, we were looking for a nice drive and the Manti La Sa Mountains with their beautiful Snow covered tips called to us.  As we drove this scenic drive from Moab into the Manti-La-Sal National Forest, we came upon signs for a Lake.  Now we LOVE lakes, but a lake named OOHWAH is just too cool to ever think of passing up.  We got to the lake, and Todd was thrilled to do some fishing. He fished for one hour and caught 13 beautiful trout.  Great detour.  Great find.  

One of the Manti La Sal Mountains

A heard of Wild Turkeys in the Manti La Sal Mountains on the way to OohWah Lake

360 Walk Around OohWah Lake

Here is a link to the United States Forest Service Manti-La_Sal National Forest Link
 for information about  this mountain area, and here is a link to the campground.
Link for Campground
Campground is only $5 a night.

Look...I Found Todd.

Above is Video of Todd Catching a Fish.  The reflection on the lake is so good, it is disorienting at first.

If you liked this area, click on the Ooh Wah Google Earth Link, then click on any blue line or Dot to see more.

Ooh Wah Google Earth Link


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