Dry Fork Slot Canyon Escalante, Utah in 360 Degrees


DRY FORK CANYON in 360 Degrees, 


360 Trail- Dry Fork Slot Canyon

The 360 below  has a section to the left that reminds me a lot of the bumps and texture in the spooky gulch just down 2 canyons from this one. 
That was a crazy adventure. 

Information about Dry Fork Slot Canyon

  • 5 hours South East of SLC - 1.5 hour min South of Moab
  • Not Overcrowded
  • Great for ALL Ages
  • About 2 miles round trip
  • About 100 feet elevation
  • Easy Hike - Level 1

  • Are you wanting to try a Slot Canyon, but they intimidate you.  This is a perfect starting hike.  It never gets narrow.  It doesn't have any crazy boulders to deal with.  It is usually dry, so you don't have to worry about getting your feet wet.  It is a no stress, easy slot canyon.  Even little ones can do it.  So try this canyon out.  You might be surprise that you start to really like hiking Slot Canyons! Remember getting out in nature is being proved in many ways the help is gives to your immune system and mental health, and of course physical health as well, so brave getting out today.  I did this one in January, so just because it is cold outside your house now, does not mean it is not great weather for a hike in Southern Utah!

    Escalante is still a work in progress in developing roads and making trails really clear, so you expect a little bumps.  To get to this hike you have to travel down Hole in the Rock Road (which is 26 miles south of Escalante of Highway 12.)  You travel down Hole in the Rock for 26 miles down a washboard dirt road to the Dry Fork Road that heads Northeast into the dessert.  This Dry Fork Road branches again very soon and you need to stay left.  The road here gets much worse.  On the last part of this road there is a lip that makes it tricky to not bottom out and ruin your car even in a 4x4 vehicle. I wish they would fix it. (I went back and it was fixed! At least until the next rain storm.)   The parking lot is just a cleared spot in the middle of the dessert with a sign that let's you know you have reached the correct spot.

    You start the trail at a big sign that say TRAIL and you are following Cairns down a hill.
    The last part you walk along a steep Rock wall and then Dry Canyon will be on your left.  There are actually 4 amazing slot canyons here.  Dry Canyon is not as dare devilish and you can hike it if you are wider than 18 inches.  It has steep walls and is narrow, but not narrow like the others.  I have info on the other 3 slot canyons below.
        Peek a Boo has an entrance that is really steep climb 12-15 feet but has good hand holds, and then once you get past that there is a other spot that is not as steep, but needs a buddy to boost each other to get up.  I found a trick to make this canyon easier, and you can read about it on my blog post about Peek A Boo Slot Canyon.  Most people hike Peek a Boo then turn right and walk about 10 minutes to the entrance to Spooky Gulch, then drop down into Spooky Gulch.  Those who go the other way cause problems for you are trying to get through a narrow 18 inch canyon and passing is not easy.  Peek a Boo is narrower than Dry Canyon but not as narrow as Spooky Gulch.

    Below is a picture of a sign at the start of the trail that works its way down the mountain to the 4 Slot Canyons.  
    You start the trail and you are following Cairns down a hill.  

    Keep track of the Cairns, and if you loose track of them, turn around and head to the edge of the cliff drop off and walk back until you find a place to get down safely then search for those Cairns and footprints.
    Cairn along the trail to Dry Fork Slot Canyon Escalante Utah
    The trail at first is pretty clear with cute little Cairns along to let you know you are on the right path.

    Somewhere around here I missed a Cairn, but it was not too big of a deal.  I just walked over to the edge of the drop off small cliff, and it was easy to see the trail.  From there I just walked back along the drop off until I found an easy spot down.  The trail in the sandy areas is easy to follow for there are lots of footprints from previous hikers.  It is when these big rock areas happen that you have to pay super close attention so you can locate your next Cairn.  The next time I went, the trail was so super easy to follow.  If you go in the busier months, there are a lot more people heading down to do these 4 slots.  
    Cliff Wall along the trail to Dry Fork Slot Canyon Escalante Utah

    Cairn along the trail to Dry Fork Slot Canyon Escalante Utah
    It is easy to see this Cairns right in front of me, but do you notice how hard it is to see the next one.  Keep you eyes open for the Cairns.  Since this time, I have found how great an external GPS, and GAIA app cane be.  I just download the map.  I can mark my trail before hand.  Turn on my GPS when I get there, or even to help me get there, and then I can always see if I am on trail, or if I have wandered off.  It is an amazing comfort.  I love it!
    Below is the Cliff Wall you walk along after getting down this boulder mountain.  If the 360 Images are not coming in, the click on the BLUE View on Google maps button.  They work great there.

    Here is the Entrance on the left that you are looking for.  
    Dry Fork Slot Canyon Entrance Escalante Utah
    Here is the entrance to the Slot Canyon in both the image above and below.  

    I like the light coming down into the slot behind me, and the cool wave like pattern on my right. 

    Dry Fork Slot Canyon Escalante Utah
    I love the Log that is stuck in the canyon in the 360 Sphere below. If you look on Google Maps, I think there was a family that took their photo up on that log.  Not sure how they got up on it, but it looks cool. 
    This canyon is super enjoyable.  I love that is no stress.  Another no stress slot canyon that was so care free and fun was WILLIS CREEK SLOT CANYON. I did it in 90 degree weather and it didn't feel too hot.  The slots were shaded, and the trickle of the stream made it feel cooler.

    Click on the link if you want to see SPOOKY GULCH Slot Canyon
    Here is a great blog that goes into all the GPS coordinates of this hike.  For me I do better using an external GPS receiver, a downloaded map on Gaia GPS, and then marking my trail om Gaia.  At any time I can see where I am in relation to the trail.  I LOVE IT.  I have both the Garmin one and the Global Sat GPS receivers below.  They both do great.

    But this website below is packed with interesting information.  Especially for those that love GPS coordinates. 

    Dry Fork Slot Canyon Escalante Utah

    If you like this area and would like to see more of it. You can click on this Dry Fork Google Earth Link.
     Dry Fork Slot Canyon Google Earth.
    These were some of my first 360 spheres I did so some of these dots are a little off.  It is interesting to see just how long this slot canyon is though.  Someday I will get down there again and make a nice Google Earth path here.

    If you would like to see my favorite hikes in Escalante, here is a GoogleList with all my Escalante Favorites on a map.

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