Cecret Lake - VR 360 Degrees Alta Utah

Cecret Lake VR 360 Getaway

Cecret Lake Hike in 360 Degrees

Albion Basin Alta, Utah

After I enjoyed hiking in the Albion basin, if you make it up to the campground, then Cecret Lake is only 0.9 miles more, so of course I headed up to see the beautiful lake.  This lake is unique for the orange tinted rocks, many of which have almost rectangular prism shapes.  The lake is a pretty blue, and I was super lucky that the clouds came and made it a cool nice hike. I timed it perfectly, for as I was heading down a quick hail storm happened.  They were small, but still they were a little painful as they hit my face.  I was so glad it ended quickly, for it would have been no fun to be stuck in a hail storm for long hiking.  
Flowers and Reflection at Cecret Lake Alta Utah

VR 360 Oculus Version  

Grab a VR Headset, and Join me at Cecret Lake for this no motion enjoyment of the lake, the reflections, the flowers, and the Tiger Salamander using "ShaunasAdventures" in YouTubeVR or OculusTV. 

White Flowers around Cecret Lake

360 Video at Cecret Lake

You can transport yourself here virtually to join me on this beautiful adventure, by clicking on the TV button on the Oculus Menu, then search ShaunasAdventures.  

Flowers at Cecret Lake

  • Appropriate for ALL Ages
  • About 460 feet elevation gain (but is already pretty high altitude, so you might find you need to take it slow and your breathing might be affected.
  • About 1 hour East of SLC
  • It is much higher elevation, ,so it will be colder than you think it will be.  Take a jacket.  You will usually see snow here until mid July. 
  • Does cost to get in.  I think it is $7 or 8 per car.
  • About 1.7 miles heavily trafficked trail by Alta Ski Resort.  Really popular in Summer to pair with Wild Flower hike in Albion Basion that is also right here.  

Below is 360 Degree Google Earth Trail Around Cecret Lake 

If you are on this east side of the lake, I would encourage you to sit down and just look at the creatures in the water.  They have lots of Tiger Salamander's here in the water that look like the creature they used to designed the dragon on "How To Train Your Dragon".  It is uncanny, and looks out of this world unique. 

Tiger Salamander

Video above is of Trail head to Cecret Lake

Stream on Cecret Lake Hike Alta Utah


Not long after starting the trail head at the campground you get to cross this pretty stream. 

Purple flowers on the edge of Cecret Lake

Here is a link from utah.com of GPS locations for hike.

Blue Bells by Pretty Stream you cross on the Trail to Cecret Lake
Blue Bells by Pretty Stream you cross on the Trail to Cecret Lake

The Wildflowers here are beautiful.  The best spot to catch the wildflowers in this area is 


which is just below this hike, and an easy one to pair with Cecret Lake. When you get done checking out this beautiful lake, you should also check out this awesome hike. 

Flowers along the Devils Castle Trail are also some of my favorite. 

Cecret Lake Alta Utah by Albion Basion
Cecret Lake Alta Utah 

Cecret Lake and Mountains around Cecret Lake

Yeah we are to the lake!  Hike to lake is a 0.9 miles.

Trail is big orange rocks and cliffs, so to see flowers growing out from the rocks is very unique. 

Tiny Planet Version of Above Video

Like most lakes up Little & Big Cottonwood Canyon, there is NO Swimming allowed in the lake.

Pink Wildflowers on the edge of Cecret Lake

Video above is of a beautiful cliff you pass on the way up to the lake. 

360 Google Earth Trail above is a walk around the Lake in an area where you need to cross a pile of Orange Boulders.

Bell flower on the side of the Cecret Lake Alta Utah Albion Basion 


I haven't seen these adorable flowers yet this year on the trail.  These look like a flower ready for a girls tea party, but in a few weeks they will bloom and then then look like a prickly scary flower.  So funny how they change.  

If you like this hike, there is more of this beautiful area to see.  Click on the Cecret Lake Google Earth Link. then click on the little dude in the bottom corner, then any blue line or dot where you want to see more. 
 Cecret Lake Alta Utah Google Earth Link


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