Immersive Wild Horse Window - San Rafael Swell Reef VR360 Experience

Little Wild Horse Window - San Rafael Swell Reef

Immersive Wild Horse Window  

San Rafael Swell Reef VR360 

  Finding Little WIld Horse Window was such a delightful discovery for me.  I remember when I first went to the San Rafael Swell Reef, I was shocked at how it looked like the ground had decided to reach upward towards Heaven.  On this Adventure, we walk up a section of this reef and found a open top Arch in a huge cave that looked like a Window to Heaven.  It was such a treat to me, and I would LOVE for you to be able to share this experience with me.  If you are interested in joining me Virtually, grab a VR Headset, open a bottle of your favorite nature oil, curl up in a comfy chair, and Transport here using one of these links for an Immersive Adventure. 
This Adventure includes Pictograph in the Wild Horse Window Cave, beautiful Time lapse in an area behind Goblin State Park, and some beautiful views of CrackCanyon.

Oculus Headset Links

Direct Link 
Oculus Portfolio Link for access to all my VR Nature Vacations

YouTubeVR Links for San Rafael Swell's Litle Wild Horse Window

VR 360 Video of Little WIld Horse Window. 
 If you are not watching in a VR Headset, make sure you move around so you can see everything.

Information About the Trail

I used Gaia Maps on my phone to help me out with this trail, for the trail is well marked on Gaia, but  not so well marked on the trail itself.  I would definitely use a downloaded Gaia Map, or other map to help you out, for Gaia makes this trail very easy to enjoy.  Here is a link to the Trailhead if you would like to check it out.  Link to Wild Horse Window Trailhead It is located along the road into Goblin State Park.  I felt like it was pretty easy to enjoy for most ages, for it was Easy to Medium in difficulty as long as you had Gaia maps to help with Navigation.  We saw kids about 8-10 doing the trail while we were there, and they seemed to be doing great.  
A few things to keep in mind though. 
1.  Remember that Pictographs can be damaged by touching them, so don't hurt these amazing Pictographs in the Wild Horse Window by touching them.
2.  Realize that this trail hikes on a lot of slick rock, (It looks a little like the White Formation you see at White Pocket.  See Link below for there.)  and the trail heads up a section where there would be waterfall pools.  This might be beautiful when wet, but it would also be slippery, so be careful if it is wet. 
3. Trail transitions back anf forth from slickrock trail, to fine sandy trail.both are hard to see trails in. 

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