Immersive VR 360 Experience Base Jumping and "The Fearless Mind" VRGetaway

Immersive Base Jumping Virtual Experience VRGetaway

Immersive VR Experience Base Jumping and The Fearless Mindset

Have you ever wished you were dealing with less anxiety and felt more fearless? Well after reading the book ‘The Fearless Mindset’ by Craig Manning, and spending a day with Base Jumpers  in Moab, I believe we all can have our own version of a Fearless Mind.   This VRGetaway is all about learning techniques used by these Base Jumpers to lower anxiety and face life with that Fearlessness.  Your first hint.  Find something that interests you.  Dig in and commit to put some work into learning about it, and pay attention to details.  Make a small goal that is only 1-4 weeks out that will build your skill (make sure it is not tied to social media or other people), and start your first step of chasing a dream.  You will be surprised that as you chase something that is not too overwhelming, but that challenges you, you will start to lower your anxiety and fear.  Second, learn to keep a positive mindset.  Just keep your mind focused on your confidence and on chasing that dream and goal, when subtractive thoughts come, deflect them with your power statement, "I Got This, I Can Do This!".  Keep making new goals each month.  Try it!  You will be surprised at the results!. Special thanks to the Base Jumpers Myles @yourwaywarduncle, @prestovx, @aaronfelder @shreddeespaghettee  and @kolbyrobinson for letting me film them,and @craig.manning for your awesome book @thefearlessmind helping me overcome and be more fearless.

So what are you waiting for?  Grab that VR Headset to Transport Yourself on a fun VR Adventure to experience a safe version of Base Jumping, and learn some lessons about how o achieve a Fearless Mind in your own life.

If you have a Oculus VR Headset, the links below, are BY FAR the better quality.  The compression is better, and they do a good job not ruining the video with compression issues. 

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YouTubeVR Links for a VRGetaway to the Base Jumpers and The Fearless Mind

VR 360 6K Video of  Base Jumpers and The Fearless Mind. 
 If you are not watching in a VR Headset, make sure you move around so you can see everything, or put it in a Google Cardboard  and the YouTube Mobile App so you can still be transported there.  A Google Cardboard can be purchased for less than $10.  Make sure you change your setttings to the highest quality.

Craig Manning's Lessong and The Fearless Mind

I think it would be safe to say that I have been obsessed with learning all I can from Craig Manning these last few months.  It was so helpful to not only inspire me to push myself, but recongnize what task focus goals look like to you avoid the pitfall of getting frustrating when pursuing a passion and purpose in life.  I would very much recommend either reading this book, or heading to his You Tube Channel and watching some of his videos.  This one below is a good start.  My big 4 take aways were: 1.  Find something in life to chase, don't settle for just existing. 2.  Make small goals that are 1 - 4 weeks out.  Make sure they are not tied to Social Media or other people.  It is about increasing your skills.  Try to spend time evaluating your progresss. 3. Have a power statement ready to delfect those doubts when they come.  Mine is "I Got This! I Can Do This!"  4. Storing up confidence is super important. I make a document on my successes, and refer to it often.  You wouldn't think that goal setting could help lower fear, but there is something about chasing a dream, and setting your sites on things that are under your control to push yourself to improve that is impowering.  

  Sending you love and postive vibes your way!  

- Shauna from VRGetaways
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