Favorite Bryce Canyon Hikes in 360 Degrees

Navajo Loop Trail Bryce Canyon
Navajo Loop Trail Bryce Canyon

Favorite Bryce Canyon Hikes Winter or Any Season

Bryce Canyon is a wonderful place that is uniqueness that it is perfect for every season.  It boasts of stunning winter hikes that are some of the prettiest in Southern Utah, and it is cooler in than most places in the Summer so the hiking can still be wonderful. 

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Here are some of my favorite hikes in Bryce, and details of whether or not they are "Winter Worthy".

1. Peek A Boo Loop - Navajo Loop Trail

Peek A Boo Loop Bryce Canyon Navajo Loop Trail
Peek A Boo Loop Bryce Canyon
Peek a Boo Loop is amazing in Winter.  Throw on some Crampons (Name for Spikes you throw over your shoes) , and you are good to go.  I went on a day in the 30's with not much wind, and I was stripping off layers.  This hike normally starts at Bryce Point, but that usually is closed during the winter.  That only means that in the winter you have to start the hike at Sunset Point, and get to enjoy a section of Navajo Loop.  Many complete the loop on the way back and exit at Sunrise point, but that does make it a 7-8 mile hike instead of 5-6, and you do have to remember that the only thing hard about this trail is the last leg up out of the canyon.  Make sure you leave yourself enough steam to get up that last hard climb.  A park ranger told me he thought this was the pretties hike in Bryce Canyon and even in most of Southern Utah.  I like both Peek A Boo and Fairyland equally, so I would struggle to decide.   If you would like to see this area in 360 Degrees, I did a Google Earth Trail here in the Winter.  


You don't need all the much to have an enjoyable winter hike in Bryce.  You just need to have multiple layers so you can easily pull off or put on a layer when you are too cold or too hot, and some CRAMPONS.  These hikes can get icy and slippery, but as soon as you pull these over your shoes, it is no longer difficult to transverse the steep areas of this hike.  

I also don't like getting too cold, so I usually bring a set of hot hands and hot feet in my bag and pull them out if I am getting cold.  They are great, but a few weeks ago I discovered something that I I think is even cooler.  It is a rechargeable hand warmer that can act as a external battery, or be charged by an external battery.  I grabbed one, and so far it has been delightful to have when I am out on those cold blustery days.  

2. Fairyland Loop 

Fairyland Loop Trail Bryce Canyon
Fairyland Loop Trail Bryce Canyon

The Fairyland parking lot is closed during the winter, but that does not mean the trail is not accessible.  I would check with the ranger station, but it is usually open all year long, you just have to access it from Sunrise Loop, which is great for you get to enjoy the Queens Garden Trail.  Here is the park map.
 Bryce Canyon Park Map.
Hiking in the snow is harder than just regular walking on a trail, so the distances feels a little longer.  This hike is a 7.4 mile loop.  It would be delightful in the winter, but I definitely would not do this hike in the winter if your weather is not great, or your energy is low.  You can always hike in and then turn around at any time, for there is no reason you have to complete the loop. The right side of the loop gets down into the canyon  It is a gorgeous area, I would love to share with you in 360 degree by just clicking on the link to my blog post here.
Link to Fairyland Loop Bryce Canyon

3. Queens Garden Trail

I have not done a blog post on this trail, but I have hiked it in the winter and it is wonderful in all seasons.   You can check out their trails mix with my trails in Bryce Canyon here.
  Bryce Canyon StreetView Earth Link.  Just click on the link, and then the little guy in the bottom corner, then any blue line or dot to see more.

4. Mossy Cave

Mossy cave is a really nice hike that is definitely Winter worthy and even easier if you have Crampons to slide over your shoes.  There is actually only a few spots where I was glad to have them, and most do this hike without, but it does save you from a scare of a fall.  This hike is actually the most amazing when there is a lot of spring run off going, for there is a pretty waterfall here, but it only runs where there is lots of water needed for irrigation.  I still found it beautiful in the winter, but the hike is about the beauties you see along the way, and not as much about an amazing cave at the end.  It is only about a mile in, so it is an easy enjoyable hike.  

5. Arches Trail near Bryce 

(Actually in Dixie National Forest)

Arches Hike Bryce Canyon, Utah
Arches Hike Dixie National Forest, Utah

I really enjoy this Arches Trail, and only put it number 4, for I am not sure it is accessible all the time in the winter.  I usually do this trail as I am driving into Bryce or out of Bryce, for it is a long drive to Arches trail, and you have to drive down a long dirt road to get to the trail head.  I do love the fact that it is less crowded, and you are able to get really close to the arches and Hoo Doos.  It is a fun trail with lots of spur trails that are fun to explore.  If you can get to this hike, it is really a great short 1 mile hike. To figure out the location of this hike, or enjoy this area in 360 degrees click on the link below.

 Willis Creek Slot Canyon -  

(Not really in Bryce, but just too close to Bryce to pass up. )

Willis Creek is not really in Bryce Canyon, but after doing a few hours in Bryce Canyon, it is fun to see something different, and Willis Creek is so close and so different that I think it deserves to be mentioned.  After realizing how amazing Willis Creek is, I would not take people to Bryce Canyon, and not also enjoy this amazing place.  There is a dirt road to deal with, so you would have to ask locals in the winter if the road is passable, and you would have to have a vehicle with decent clearance, but if you can make it here, I promise that you will really enjoy this area.  See more info on this awesome hike and explore this area in 360 degrees by clicking on the link below.