Mossy Cave Hike Bryce Canyon Utah in 360 Degrees


Mossy Cave 

Bryce Canyon Utah in 360 Degrees

If you follow the saying, " The point of the journey is not to arrive, but the joy enjoying the journey itself", you will find this hike charming. If you go with only the goal if seeing a cool cave, you will not be thrilled with this hike. If you go to enjoy the hike itself you will find it is a treasure. There are stunning arches up high if you just look up. There are picturesque spots all over. 

 I think God would love it if we handled life like this.  We often a are so caught up on something in the future, or hoping something later on would be grand when all the little things in life are really the GRAND things.  The times we love each other, the times we laugh with each other, the times we enjoy all the beauty around us and remember God.  Those are the things that are the true TREASURES in LIFE.  Another parallel with this hike is that in both it is important to look up, remember God, he wants to bless and help you in your life if you just LOOK UP.

If you go between April and Sept you might see the Tropic ditch running, and it can be spectacular. 

TAKE CRAMPONS/ SPIKES for SHOES IF HIKING HERE FALL TO SPRING. The Tropic Ditch was built by pioneers using natural water routes for irrigation of crops, so when they are letting water down the route it is beautiful. During the rest of the year, there is unfortunately little going on.

Like all hikes in Bryce, if you are visiting and there is a chance you might see snow here.  A good pair or Spikes/ Crampons is super smart. (Crampons just are something you slip over your shoes that have spikes or metal shapes to grip into the ice and snow to keep you from falling.)  The trails are often icy in Bryce and these thrown over your shoes can make a trail that for others is slippery and scary, for those prepared with crampons, it is piece of cake. 

This hike is just right on the side of the road, so the parking area, is just a wide pull off and this is the view into the trail. It starts with a nice bathroom before you head out on the hike. 

360 Trail at Mossy Cave

I love the view off to the right.  So pretty.

Just like in life, if you remember to look up here, you are blessed with great beauty of some rare windows and arches and of course lots of HooDoos.  

Below is are area that is slippery for many along this retaining wall up to the mossy cave, but with Crampons, you head up with no problems.  I love the pretty brick work on the side.

At the end of this section, there is Mossy Cave.

Deeper in the winter is can fill up with lots of pretty icicles, but when I was there, it was not quite as exciting. (See below.)



Below is a section of the hike close to the beginning.  I am checking out those awesome HooDoo formations in front of me, and I can tell this is going to be a beautiful hike.

Below is another one of the bridges you get to cross on the hike. 

NATURE HEALS and helps Physically Mentally, Spiritually, and Socially if you go with a buddy.  Find a trail and get some NATURE FIX today.  HAPPY HIKING!  

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