Cathedral of the Sun and Moon at Capitol Reef National Park - VR 360 Nature Vacation -

Immersive Cathedral Valley for VR Headsets

Cathedral of the Sun and 
Cathedral of the Moon
VRGetaway to 
Capitol Reef National Park

Cathedral Valley is a beautiful place to enjoy some VR 360 Virtual Nature Therapy to boost the postitive chemicals in your body.  I love this VR Getaway for the formations of Cathedral of the Sun and Cathedral of the Moon are so interesting in their similarities to a real Cathedral.  The granduer of the size of the Cathedral of the Sun to the size of the Cathedral of the Moon is a fun parrallel.  The crazy Glass Mountain is a mystery in how this formation came to be, and I had was intriged to see a real natural sinkhole where the earth has just sunk into a very deep hole.  So give yorself some "Me Time" to recharge and heal by enjoying a VR Nature fix.  Just Grab a VR headset and search "ShaunasAdventures" on OculusTV or YouTubeVR or use the Links Below
Oculus Portfolio link. 

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2D Trailer for VR Adventure to Cathedral Valley

Information about Cathedral Valley

  • We drove into Cathedral Valley from the Hanksville side.  It was tricky, for Google Map would not give us this route, and we did not have service.  My advice is to download Google maps west of Hanksville and see if you can get your mapping software to go this route before you loose service.
  • The drive is incredibly gorgeous and starts through a section of the purple and white striped hills that I love so much in Utah.  They are just stunning.  
  • There is actually multiple ways into Cathedral Valley.  There is one close to Capitol Reef, one from the North and ours from the Hanksville area. 
  • We were here in February, and there was not much traces of snow, but when we tried heading out towards Capitol Reef we hit enough snow climbing out, that we had to turn around and head out another direction.  This added a couple extra hours onto the trip home. 
  • On the way out towards Capitol Reef there is an Upper Cathedrals area that are also really beautiful.  The ones in the videos are in the Lower Cathedral Valley.  
  • You can see the massive size of the Cathedral of the Moon above, but the Cathedral of the Sun is probably 5 times bigger.  It is HUGE.  When you are closer to Cathedral of the Sun, the proportions of the Sun to the Moon feel quite similar in size to our planets Sun and Moon. 
  • The Gypsum Sinkhole is a great Detour.  Very interesting, and not sure how it was formed.
  • All around Capitol Reef there are areas where you see lava rock boulders laying around.  This area is the same, but it brings about many more mysteries in the Volcano that must have been in this area.  There are vertical sheets of lava rock that stick up into the air that are crazy.  Research believes that the lava flowed into the cracks between 2 cliffs and got solid and then the cliffs around it eroded but the sheet of lava stayed strong and tall. 
  • The natural Glass Mountain that is by the Cathedral of the Sun is baffling.  I have no idea how this was created, but you'd have to see it to realize what I am talking about. the sheets of glass are going all sorts of various crazy directions.  It makes no sense. 

YouTubeVR link to Virtual Experience to Cathedral of the Sun, Cathedral of the Moon, Gypsum Sinkhole, and Glass Mountain. 

AMP Web Story for VR 360 Cathedral Valley

Cathedral Valley Web Story

Hubby and myself in front os Cathedral of the Moon

2D Trailer for Immersive Nature Experience at Periodic Springs and Snake River

Palisades, Periodic Springs, and Snake River are a beautiful combo if you are thinking about heading to Wyoming for the cooler weather. So many other events you can add to it, like horseback riding, or Jackson hole, or the Tetons.  

If you don't have a VR Headset, they are so much fun.  I have enjoyed mine often to excercise when I can't hit a trail outdoors, and to virtually travel the world. It is so wonderful for my physical and mental health.  Here are links to some great VR Headsets.  Definitely worth it! 

For the Virtual Reality Experience, I love to open a bottle of Cypress, get a nice breeze blowing on me, curl up in a comfy chair, and transport myself here or any of the other fun Nature Experience in my Oculus Portfolio.  It is a wonderful postive boost from Nature Therapy that helps fight depression and help you feel happier. Try it out.