Chasing the Gorgeous Green River in VR 360

Immersive Chasing of the Green River

The Creator or Contributor to Multiple National Parks 

Need a fun virtual getaway to help give you a positive Boost?  Well I have a fun one for you!  Today we are on a journey to find glimpses of the Beautiful Green River that is the creator or the contributor to the making of multiple National Parks in the Southwest. (Canyonlands National park, Dinosaur National Monument, Glen Canyon National Park, Grand Canyon, and many more).  The challenge is that trying to find glimpses of this River is harder than you would think.  I found that I often had to get to higher ground to see it clearly.  This became the lesson I learned from nature that I will share with you on this journey.  So grab a VR Headset, and Transport Yourself Somewhere Beautiful Today!  
This fun journey includes some epic footage of some base jumpers and paragliders over the cliffs around the Green River.  Don't miss this fun one!

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Video Short for this fun VR Adventure for Chasing the Green River

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VR 360 Video to join me Immersively to Chase the Green River. 
 If you are not watching in a VR Headset, make sure you move around so you can see everything.  You can enjoy an immersive experience vfor only $7 using a Google Cardboardand the YouTube Mobile App.  Just make sure you use the settings to use the highest quality for the video, for Youtube compression is rough otherwise.  

If you are interested in chasing the Green River, here is my Google List on GoogleMaps.  I didn't end up chasing all the places on my list yet, but there are some fun places I found here, and the places I went on this video are on this list.  Just realize that many of the places are very far away from cell service, and have some rough roads to them.  That means you have a high cleareance vehicle, and downloaded Google Map, and plenty of gas to get to many of these.  There is also a huge area in the Canyonlands White Rim area that need a permit to enter, and some ramps to get out of sand traps, but I hear it is awesome!  Here is my link of the Google List of Green River.  If you want to see the Base Jumpers, they often camp at the top of the switchbacks down to Mineral Bottom boat ramp.  

Green River GoogleList

Comparing Insta360OneX, Insta360X2, and Insta360 Pro2 Cameras.  Which is better for VR? 

This video of the Green River, is really nice, for it compares 3 amazing 360 cameras,  and let’s you compare all 3 in a VR Headset where the contrast is much easier to see. 

Insta 360 Pro2 - Pros and Cons

 Now you might say, of course the Pro 2 will win, but if you are an outdoor photographer chasing VR, there is more to consider. Many know that there will be challenges when working with a Pro level camera, but sometimes they outweigh the benefits.  The Pro 2 shots in this video are the gorgeous ones in Echo Park.  The Pro 2 camera does 3D shots that are amazing, but 3D is scary to work with. (See gorgeous 3D Shots in Dinosaur National Video.)  As a videographer, if you get too close to an object you can hurt peoples heads.  My husband still is having headaches from our work with 3D. I personally don’t want to play with law suits, so I am am scared to go here.  You also have enormous processing time.  A normal video I create will have hours of footage, and work it down to 6-13 min video.  To compress 1-2 min 8K video down to 5.7K (which is the max you can submit to OculusTV) takes about 25-30 hours….Do the math.  It is enormous,  if you want to mix footage from the 3 camera and proxy files are not an option, this makes your work so painful.  Plus the Pro2 camera takes 7 memory cards and it will take a whole day just to get the footage compiled to use off the Pro2 camera.  If you choose a Pro2 to work with, make  sure you have good insurance.  It is a very heavy camera, and remember with a 360 camera you have to get about 1 meter away. That means that a heavy wind gust comes up you have just lost a $6000 investment. Ouch.  Also I have done many videos that I have hiked for 9 hours.  The Pro 2 Camera with a decent tripod would be super heavy and hard to manage in maneuvering tricky places.  Lastly, I am constantly charging batteries on a shoot in my backpack with an external battery.   This would not be possible with a Pro2 Camera.  The battery on our Pro2 Camera lasted about 10 minutes, and had to then be plugged into a wall to charge for about an hour so I could film for 10 more minutes.  Ouch again.  It also was notorious for loosing shots….Not recording when you thought it was recording.  That hurts.  Lastly, I would like you to notice that the Pro2 camera is still not great with sunset shots, for it looses some of the detail on cliffs that even fixing my highlights still didn’t fix it all the way. 

Insta360 OneX  - Pros and Cons

The Base Jumper footage in this video was filmed with the Insta360OneX.  The complaints about the Insta360 OneX is that the images feel “soft”.  You can see that here. You can fix much of it by boosting the sharpness in post editing. It is also a little more painful to use, for you have to manage 2 devices.  It needs a phone linked to work, so the time it took to connect the 2 and get everything up and running made it so I lost many shots. Definitely a fun camera if you are playing around with creative shots and having fun with the endless creativity ability with the Insta360 mobile app. 

Insta360 X2 - Pros and Con 

Their are shots in this video in Echo Park that are jerky. The X2 used to have a feature where you could easily change from 360 to 120 degree shots, or time lapse video on the main screen of the camera.  I went on this shoot, and accidentally shifted it to time lapse.  I ruined all these shots for my Oculus Launch project, so that is why I rented a Pro2 camera and went and redid the shots here, but there are some fun shots that I still wanted to use from then that are in this video. I do love that I can use this camera with or without my phone.  I am getting better at working that tiny screen on the camera itself, but it can be frustrating at times, and transitioning from using your phone to just using the camera settings cane be a little bumpy.  It is small and easy to manage on longer journeys.  I love the quickness I can adjust the invisible stick monopod to get just the perfect height for the shot, although why there has not been a better weight with the tripod legs is SO frustrating.  I am constantly worried about my camera tipping and trying to invent things to use as weights.  
The shots right before the base jumpers are with the X2.  Try to pay attention to how beautiful the shots still can look with great light, but how they fall apart with low light at sunsets.  It is definitely the biggest weakness to filming in VR with this camera.

Insta360RS with 1 inch sensor 

 I was thrilled with the announcement of the new RS camera with the 1 inch sensor to help solve this issues of problems with low light and high lighting, but I am a little bummed that the quality only went from 5.7k to 6.1k and you have to transition to a slower frame rate (which will make it jerky) for that tiny improvement.  Ideally,  I would have liked a bigger improvement without the hit of frame rate reduction.  I also am struggling with the issue of how hard it will be to change my memory card when I am out on the go, and I haven’t seen extra batteries for the1inch sensor  RS yet.  Am I not going to be able to have a back up battery to swap out with this camera?    

In my wishful thinking, I was so hoping that @Insta360 would let me win the InstaRS with the 1 inch sensor from their #Insta360

Thanks for joining me friend!  Sending you positive vibes and love your way.  

P.S. I scratched the lens on my camera on a recent shoot, and I am badly needed it fixed.  If you could help with just a little donation to help me fix my scratched lens, I would appreciate it very much.  You can donate on Patreon, or with Google Pay at