Magnificent Maroon Lake and White River Nation Forest

VR Getaway to Maroon Lake for VRHeadsets

Magnificent Maroon Lake and White River Nation Forest VR 360 Getaway

 It is hard for me to explain just how excited I was to finally get to Maroon Lake. I saw Maroon Lake pictures about 2 years ago, and put it on my wish list. I planned a trip in Fall 2021, but I struggled getting contact with someone at Maroon Lake to do an evening pass, and the website aeemed like all the passes were sold out. I thought I would atill go and aee if I could make it work, but forest fires went crazy, and hiking in Colorado was not recommended because of the air quality was so bad. So I tabled the trip. Spring came around and when school got out, I headed to Maroon Lake. I caught a early morning bus ticket spots and was getting excited about enjoying this area. I planned out some fun surrounding hikes. I arrived early the night before, and thought what the heck, I will head to the gate and just ask or beg if there is any way I could PLEASE get an evening pass. The guy at the gate was at first hesitant, but I gave him puppy dog eyes and begged a little, and I got luck and was let in. I really was beautiful and being able to have a fox walk right by me with my camera going was just super awesome. The relections were so pretty, and I was just tickled with how lovely it was.

If this video has inspired you to want to enjoy more adventures here, I have made it easy for you by creating a GoogleMap List for you.  Just download an offline GoogleMap of the area, and then flag any location on my list to your Google Map, and start your adventure today!  Maroon Lake w ShaunasAdventures · 

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VR 360 6K Video of Uinta National Forests Hayden Peak. 
 If you are not watching in a VR Headset, make sure you move around so you can see everything, or put it in a Google Cardboard  and the YouTube Mobile App so you can still be transported there.  A Google Cardboard can be purchased for less than $10.  

You can also find this Virtual Getaway on DeoVr, and, for a Fun no stress Mini Vacation to transport you somewhere beautiful for a nice boost from nature.