Fall Colors in Colorful Colorado VRGetaway

Fall Colors in Colorful Colorado

Fall Colors in Colorful Colorado VRGetaway

Uncompahgre National Forest

Fall Colors in Uncompahgre National Forest Colorado in VR 360 6K

Are you missing fall already?  I don't blame you, it was a pretty one this year. Luckily, I caught some really gorgeous fall footage this year in Colorful Colorado so you can enjoy the gorgeous colors of fall in Southwest Colorado anytime.  Just grab a VRHeadset, and transport yourself on this fun new VRGetaway for a great boost from nature.
The locations this VRGetaway explored was Alta Lake, Trout Lake, lots of county Roads around Telluride, Dallas Divide, Cimarron River, Beaver Lake, Silver Jack Reservoir, Owl Creek Pass, Chimney Rock, Box Canyon Falls, Haviland Lake, and Bear Creek Falls.  

Ready to Transport Here?  If you have an Oculus Quest headset, just click on the link below, pick a place you want to transport to, and it will pop up on your Quest Headset. If you have a Google Cardboard, then use the YouTube Link below, change your settings to highest quality, then use the Headset icon to change it to VR Mode.  All other VR Headsets, use the YouTube link below, or find me on Veer.tv.

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This video was such a delight to create.  With high gas prices, and struggling to keep up with the rising prices of everything, we decided to brave doing this road trip in my small Rav4.  That meant 4 days sleeping in the tiny car with a 6'3" spouse.  Some say, not possible, but if you slide the front seats ALL the way forward, he barely fits.  We did pretty good, but there are laughable times in this video where you can tell I have not had a decent mirror to do my hair and makeup..LOL   But even through making it work on a small budget, we had a delightful time.  The views were breathtaking...simply stunning.  Todd got some spectacular drone shots that were so pretty.  I especially love the drone shot of Chimney Rock.  I always count myself lucky if I capture a fun moment with animals, and on this one Todd has such a perfect moment with  some adorable birds. We also caught fish at 3 different lakes, so we are up to 53 lakes in our 100 fish 100 lakes challenge.  
   The Sunrise Timelapse in this video ended up beautiful as the light crepts along the fall colored leaves lightin them up, and I really liked the drives through the narrow dirt roads that had bright yellow leaves glowing with the golden hour sun.  I often have moments as I create my videos that feel and see The Light sending a message of "Thank You For Trying to Capture My Creations and trying to Spread Joy, and then often sends a moment that is priceless like He is saying, "Here is a gift of even more beauty to make your video extra special so that others might also know that I am real."  Here I was creating a shot where I wanted you as a viewer to feel like you were being showered with fall leaves falling on you.  I planned on doing After Effects to make it feel real, but at just that moment, the leaves came raining down.  It was such a gift.  The Light is real, and He really wants to help.  Just ask. 

If this video has inspired you to want to enjoy more adventures here, I have made it easy for you by creating a GoogleMap List for you.  Just download an offline GoogleMap of the area, and then flag any location on my list to your Google Map, and start your adventure today! There are many locations that required a 4 wheel drive vehicle, but my Rav 4 made it to most of the spots I flagged. 

Google Map List: Colorful Fall Leaves visited VRGetaway 

This was such an awesome road trip for us.  I thank Ryan Smith for his great blog post that helped us chase this fun fall colors adventure.  We were throughly in love with the spectacular colors here.  I hope as you watch this adventure on your VRHeadset, that you can feel like you have been transported on a little mini vacation that was not only stress free, but hopefully you also felt a positive boost from nature.  If you have enjoyed this, consider contributing to my Patreon Account.  
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