Pointe Saint Mathieu France in 360 Degrees

Two of the Lighthouses at Point Saint Mathieu France and the Abbey

Point Saint Mathieu, France in 360 Degrees

We love beaches and lighthouses, and the rocky beaches we love even more for they have such character.  We were drawn to Point Saint Mathieu for those reasons.  It is up by Brest France and is this tip that extends out far enough that it often caught ships unaware.  The towns income was on Salvage from ship wrecks.  It has caused enough wrecks that it has not just one lighthouse, but 3 lighthouses.  

The Abbey here now does is only bare walls, for the roof is gone, but there are chairs all set up in abby as you walk in.  There is a sort of rightness when you sit down that you are in a church, but it is "OPEN" to the heavens and God. I liked it in a weird way.

The Abbey by law was given all sorts of rights to keep a percentage of the Savage from ship wrecks.  
Funny story about these 360's is that I have many in my account that are in Chinese, and for some reason I connected the Chinese ones into a nice walk, but I can't pull them up. When I tried to connect the English set, they doing all sorts of buggy things.  Not sure who new is working at Google, but I am at a loss to fix these, so that is why they are not connected.

Lighthouse and Abby at Point Saint Mathieu

Entrance to Church at Point Saint Mathieu

This beautiful piece above is an entrance to the current working church here.  It is a humble church as you can see in the pictures below.

Inside of Church at Point Saint Mathieu

Notice above there is a wall next to the church to protect the inhabitants during danger.
Below is looking over a broken section of the wall to the inside.


More Coast lines.  The one above is North of the Abbey.

The one below is just South of the Lighthouses and Abbey.  

I really struggled to submit my StreetView Trail here, and later found out it is because they have 2 Saint-Mathieu's in France, this caused my nice Streetview walk to get broken leaving only Spheres.  If you would like to see more, there are many more beautiful 360 Sphere images here.  Just click on the GoogleEarth Saint Mathieau Link below, then click on the little dude in the bottom right corner, then any blue dot or line to see more. To enjoy it more, pop on your VR Headset and use Google Earth or the StreetView App to transport you here.

French West Coastline

If you want to see more here there are many more 360 photos I took here.  Click on the link below to go to Google Earth,
Point de Sainte Mathieu Google Earth

Click on an any blue dot or line where you would like to see more of.

Here is a Google Map List of some of my favorite quaint towns we visited on our Tour of France if that is helpful.  

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My goal in out Tour of France, was to tour the Border of France and see all the cultures from the different cultures that exist on the borders.  This cute town was our Germany like Quaint Town in France.  Of all the towns we went to, this one we hated to leave the most.  There was such great food here.  The church was beautiful. The canal was similar to Annecy France (which I also liked a lot

, ) but this towns Canal with its flowers and boats captured more of my heart.  If you want to see more of our Quaint Towns in our Tour of France (14 days of 8 cultures and 3 oceans while still in France) , just type in FRANCE in the search bar.  


Locranon I loved for it was Medieval but yet still alive just like  Carcosonne France (our Spanish Medieval city with the Largest wall) 
Locronan's church and heroin gives this place an interesting history.  It has a fabulous bakery, wonderful rock paved streets, and it is just magical in the evening when the lights go on. Of course lots of fun side streets to explore and some cool trails on the perimeter of the town. 


and MY OTHER FAVORITE MEDIEVAL TOWN that also has the cute narrow side streets to explore, cute quaint shops and restaurants to explore is PEROUGES FRANCE
It was just delightful from the moment we entered the town.  If you make it here, you definitely need to wander through the side streets until you find the cute Steam Punk store with all the amazing gadgets there.

This really was an amazing Tour of France. I loved our focus of exploring a quaint town near each different country border so we felt like we experienced multiple countries yet never left France and didn't drive as far.  It was brilliant.   If you want to see all the places we traveled, just use the search magnifying glass at the top right and type in France to see more of this fun vacation.