St. Malo or Saint-Malo France in 360 Degrees


St. Malo France in 360 Degrees

St. Malo is one of the most fascinating places.  It is this beautiful walled city, with the rampart wall being wide enough that you can stroll on top of the wall the whole perimeter of the city.  Believe it or not, it was built by Pirates who would take a "Toll" type fee to allow boats to pass their city into the English Channel to England.  The city was so wealthy, that they French government and/or the Brattain government would leave them be and treated the city as its own separate identity.  

It is pretty impossible to get lost in St. Malo.  You walk until you get to the wall, and then you turn around.   The shops were delightful with nice merchandise and cute shops.  The city is so adorable and clean.  When you get tired of shopping you can stroll on the city wall, or enjoy the Beach. 

If you are as fascinated by the history of this place, you will enjoy this fun site on the history of St. Malo.

Seeing St. Malo in your VR Headset

You can see St Malo in your VR Headset using Google Earth app, or by using GoogleMaps, or the StreetView App, and searching St Malo.  When the 

East Side of Saint- Malo City
East Side of St. Malo

Great Link by France Tips for More Information on this Destination.
France Tips Link

Entrance to Saint- Malo City

Saint-Malo Entrance

Awesome Arial Video at St Malo and surrounding Areas created by TravelManya

The Wall before you enter, and the Pirate Ships in the water just East of the City.
Below is the view of the City (same as above but in Daylight).
East Side of St Malo City
Saint-Malo France

View above is strolling in the city of Saint-Malo.  On the right is the Church house.

My favorite time of the day in St-Malo is to be in the city (or even better in the Church) when the Church bells start ringing.  I was lucky both times and managed to be around when the bells start ringing.  I grabbed it on video below.  There is something magical about this city when the bells start ringing and it is echoing off these old buildings.  It is simply marvelous!

Church Bells Ringing in Saint-Malo above

Church in the evening with the lights below.

Here is a link for those thinking about traveling here from the Brittany Tourism.
Brittany Tourism Info Site

These are the buildings right on the South-west side of the wall overlooking the ocean.  Notice how they are newer buildings made to match the style.  In WWII, the Allies got bad information about there being thousands of Nazis inside St. Malo, so they bombed the city.  In reality there was hundreds of residents who had not evacuated.  The Nazis locked the old gated to keep them inside.   This is one of the sections that had to be rebuilt after the war.  If you want to read an interesting article about this event, click on this link.

Above is a 360 walk along the Wall and
Below is a 360 walk in the city. 
When I did these GoogleEarth Sphere, they were connected and were a fun walk through the city.  Now they are just spheres, but the GoogleEarth team of course has a wonderful 360 StreetView here.  To take a virtual like journey here, just click on the link below, then the little dude in the bottom corner, and then any blue line or dot where you want to go.  Love it! The best is using a VR Headset and Google Earth and transporting yourself there!

In the center of town, there used to be a nice green area with flowers and trees and the most AMAZING CREPERIE on the plant.  I think the towns people said they wanted a place for the kids to play.  I think it was a good idea, but I am not sure I love the park they designed.  It wqas so sad to that the beautiful green park changed into this. 

Here is a France quick summary about Saint-Malo and visiting there.

Here is a Google Map List of some of my favorite quaint towns we visited on our Tour of France if that is helpful.

There are crepes all over St. Malo.  We were super bummed that our favorite Creperie that used to be on the side of the park above was gone.  We still found a pretty good one called Le Corps De Garde up on the rampart wall on the North west side of the city.  It was a happening place with a nice view of the ocean.  Our waiter was an adorable man dressed as pirate playing the part quite nicely.   

We had a caramel apple crepe, Oreo crepe, and Banana Split crepe in the pictures above.

If you likes this place and would like to see more click on the GOOGLE EARTH link
St. Malo, France Google Earth Link

then click on the little dude in the bottom corner, and then any blue line or dot where you want to see more. 
If you liked this post, you must check out the BEACH, just OUTSIDE the city.  It is called




This really was an amazing Tour of France. I loved our focus of exploring a quaint town near each different country border so we felt like we experienced multiple countries yet never left France and didn't drive as far.  It was brilliant.   If you want to see all the places we traveled, just use the search magnifying glass at the top right and type in France to see more of this fun vacation.