La Vieille Auberge Mont Saint Michel France in 360 Degrees

Mont Saint Michel in Front of Cemetery

La Vieille Auberge Mont Saint Michel France in 360 Degrees

Mont Saint Michel
In the early days even before 700AD the French coastline was in constant attack from various groups including the Vikings and many others.  In 708, the archangel Michael appeared to Bishop Aubert of Avranches, and instructed him to build a church on the rocky islet.  It was brilliant advice, for all the people had to do was to keep invaders outside the wall until the tide came in.  If they could hold off just that long, the tide would wash them away and they would remain safe.  It has kept this town safe from multiple invasions. The new bridge has kept some of the water from rising as high, but there still is many spots that have quicksand around the island, so it is advised to not go wandering around the island without a guide.  While visitng  here you often hear ambulances sent out to rescue people that brave walking the perimeter without a guide.  There is the most interesting information blog about the history and the work they have been doing preserve this magical place.  Check it out if you want a real interesting read.

Besides having such a wonderful history with Angel Michael (which my religion believes was also Adam), this town has so many treasures, and hidden secrets to find.  There is one alley that is hidden that is seriously only 12 inches wide that people stand in line to squeeze through to see what is beyond there, and crazy as it may sound I was captivated but the very unique and fun doors here.   

View outside the small town church into the street where the locals live. 

This area is away from the tourist area where the locals live.  This area has a quieter pulse and is relaxing and delightful.  Below is the local Cemetery that is a little tricky to find, but if you find the local church, it is just outside from it.
House in La Vieille Aubrege Mont Saint Michel

Try viewing this on a VR Headset.  You can view using the Google Earth VR app, Google Maps or by using the Street View app. 

A view inside the Town Cemetery.  

I was hopeful for some very cool old tombstones, but the town is just too small.  It is definitely a cemetery where they have to recycle the plots.
View off the East side of Mont Saint Michel over the town. 

Below is a walk through in the town from the Cemetery.  Above is a view looking out to the east.  You can see this village is tiered and there are just stacks of tiny houses going down.


Mont Saint Michel

To give you a visual. this is a view of Mont Saint Michel, and the town we are wandering in is on the right side.

If you are enjoying these Virtual like walk through this area, here is an idea.  Click on the GoogleEarth Mont St Michel Link Below.  Click on the little Dude in the bottom right corner, and then any blue line or dot to see more. Then to enjoy is more, throw on a pair of VR Goggles, and go to Google Earth or Streetview App, and choose Mont St Michel, and then you can enjoy a virtual like vacation here today! 


This area is so delightful, but seeing it from a drone is amazing.   Check out this awesome Drone Video done by Wanaii Films.  Amazing! 

Mont St Michel Entrance

View in front of entrance
Entrance into Mont Saint Michel

Weapons in shop in Mont Saint Michel that if you walk through get you into the town.

As you walk up the main street, there is a fun shop that has all sorts of weapons like above.   This is actually one of the secret entrances to the  La Vieille Auberge in Mont Saint Michel. 

Cool brick work on walls of Mont Saint Michel

North West side of Mont Saint Michel

View of the North West side of Town.  If you want to see inot the Abbey at Mont Saint Michel, here is that link.  

Blog Post of Abbey at Mont St Michel

I was fascinated with the Cool Doors.  Each one with its different personality and charm and feel.  
Some felt like the medieval adorable doors, others had stories of the prison doors they were.  Each I am sure has a very interesting story they could tell us if they could talk. 

Here is a Google Map List of some of my favorite quaint towns we visited on our Tour of France if that is helpful to see them all on a map.

Inside Church in La Vielle Auberge Mont Saint Michel/

Looking Outside and looking inside of this super cool Church Door.

If you liked this wonderful place, click on the Mont Saint Michel Google Earth link,

Then click on the little dude in the bottom corner.  Then click on any blue line or dot where you want to see more. 

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