Alpine Poppy Field

Alpine Poppy Field Red Poppy

Alpine Poppy Field

 (End of May - First of June)

I love bright red poppies, but the problem is these gorgeous flowers are short lived.  They arrive around the end of May, and only last into the First of June.  This is not really a hike if you know where to park.  I parked close to this Google Pin and then walked a few hundred feet to the field, but if the  

It is quite an easy conclusion that this area was settled by an early pioneer woman, most likely a wife of a miller who needed the upper mountain spring in the area to make flour or cut logs.  I would also suspect that like my grandmother,she had a passion for the red poppy for they reminded her of home.  She most likely dug up some of her favorite poppy plants from home, and tended the beloved poppy plant all the way from her homeland on boats and wagons to this location.  These poppies are not a native flower here, but are a sign of a women bringing part of her beloved homeland with her to this beautiful area.  

Video of the Alpine Poppy Field

Red Poppy from the Alpine Poppy Field Utah
Red Poppy from the Alpine Poppy Field Utah

What I loved About the Alpine Poppy Field

  • I loved watching the painters paint the field
  • I loved watching the sunrise rise over the mountains. 
  • I loved honoring the woman who planted and tended these beloved poppy plants, walking into the remains of her one time home and honoring her commitment to her religion to come such a far distance for her religion.  

Painting the Alpine Poppy Field

Two Painters painting the Poppy field and the sunrise over the mountains.
Two Painters painting the Poppy field and the sunrise over the mountains.

What I didn't love about the Alpine Poppy Fields. 

  • This is gorgeous prime property area, and as such, there are houses being built very close to this field, so it really is not a hike, and does not really give you the feeling of being really out in nature, for you look up, and you can see houses between the poppy field and the mountains.  I didn't feel bad about it, for I parked close, but I read many complaints from those who hike quite a long distance to get to the poppy Field, and then to see houses so close they feel frustrated.   That being said, realize that if you put in Alpine Poppy Field into you Google Maps, it will put you at a starting place that makes you hike a good distance to get here, but it is still very beneficial if you use my link above, then use the Google Location to walk the rest of the way.   

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