Sainte Chapelle Paris, France

Sainte Chapelle Paris, France

There are so many wonderful beautiful churches in Europe, but the Church in France that is my favorite is Sainte Chapelle.  This church was made for the royals.  It is rich with deep reds and deep blue colors.  There are not just a few stained glass windows, but all the walls are a continuous huge brightly colored stained glass window.  The doors are intricately carved with amazing descriptions of the bible stories.    Above the door, is a carving that depicts on the one side of that glory of being good and being with God, and the other side the Hell of not living a good life and living eternity in torment.
Sainte Chappelle

Here is the Entrance Door.  The entrance is in honor of the coronation of Mary and the virgin child, but also notice that they have crowns on their heads like Royals, and the royals are being blessed by the angel or virgin child.  Both I think are symbolic. 

By the side of the door, the royal fleurs-de-lis and the castles are carved into the stone. The entrance is all about reminding you this is for Royals. 


The windows are hard to fathom, for they are so big, and there are so many of them, and the colors are so vividly bright.  It is just so unique.  

Notice the pictures inside the frames, the royal fleurs-de-lis symbols, how tall the windows are, and the deep rich blue with stars on the ceiling with the belletrists. 

Video of Windows in Sainte Chapelle

Lots of angels and gold.

The stained glass windows are made of 1113 little pieces of glass and tell the stories in the bible going clockwise from bottom left from Genesis to  Christ's life being at the top and then stories like Job and Ester coming down on the right.

The Choir with its seven section hemicycle is made to bear the heavy weight of the heavy reliquary above in the upper chapel.  

In the middle under the window is a depiction of the apostle surrounded in gems, and there is on for each of the apostles in the chapel.  Again the ceiling is that royal blue with the fleurs-de-lis symbols, and the red is decorated with stars suggesting the connection between royal and divine. 

Even the floor carries the red blue theme and feels royal. 

Statues of the apostles.

  They lean against the wall and are part of the columns to symbolize they are the strength of the church.

Saint Chapelle Art and Lesssons Around Doors

Upper Chapel door represents the Judgement.  Notice how the people on the left (right hand of Christ ) are righteous Saints, on the right side (Left hand of Christ) they are in torment.  Christ in his majesty is also above with symbols that he has power of judgement.

Video of Pieces Above the Door
You can look in past the doors and see the stained glass windows.

Deep Red Royal Doors to enter Upper Chapel.

Walls Decorated in Definite Royal style.

Stories from Genesis.  Above is Noah and the ark.  

Below is Creation of Earth.

More Stories from Genesis

Sainte Chapelle from the outside.

Sainte Chapelle from Outside

Below you can see lower and upper Entrance Doors.

Here is a Google Map List of some of my favorite quaint towns we visited on our Tour of France if that is helpful.

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If you are wanting to see more 360s of this amazing place, Google Earth has a 3D model of the chapel, and lots of 360 photos.  Just click on the link below, and then click on the little dude on the bottom, and the click on any blue dot where you want to see more.  Incredible place.

Sainte Chapelle Paris France

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