360 Adventure Inside Chateau De Chantilly

360 Degree Adventure Chateau De Chantilly Castle


The interior of the castle was so beautifully decorated.  The pictures were beautiful, the displays very nicely done.  Such a amazingly well kept up and maintained chateau.

Gorgeous Fireplace inside the Chateau De Chantilly
Gorgeous Fireplace inside the Chateau De Chantilly
Cool Spiral Staircase and Painted Ceiling in Chantilly Castle
Cool Spiral Staircase and Painted Ceiling in Chantilly Castle

Walk through the Dining Hall below.  Notice the amazing ceiling and tapestries on the walls.

Above and below are 360 paths inside the castle.

Room filled with porcelain minatures, vases, medals, and swords.

Beautiful Art Gallery inside the castle.

Below is a walk down this chapel and around the alter.  Check what it around the back!


The room I was most impressed with was the library below.  The books were works of art in and of themselves and all color coordinated.  The books themselves were such a interesting variety.  The library has over 1500 manuscripts, and 17,500 printed volumes.  It has 300 medieval manuscripts and some of the most impressive books are beautifully displayed in the center of the library in glass cases.

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 Chantilly Horse Museum and Show


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Chateau De Chantilly Outside

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Luxembourg Gardens

This really was an amazing Tour of France. I loved our focus of exploring a quaint town near each different country border so we felt like we experienced multiple countries yet never left France and didn't drive as far.  It was brilliant.   If you want to see all the places we traveled, just use the search magnifying glass at the top right and type in France to see more of this fun vacation.

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