Little Spotted Wolf Canyon in the Moonshine Tanks Area of the San Rafael Swell

The San Rafael Reef pushing up Heavenward

Little Spotted Wolf Canyon
in the San Rafael Swell Reef

Moonshine Tanks Area 

Every time we drive into the San Rafael Swell, we drive by the Reef, and I just stare at how cool and unique the Reef section of the Swell is.  It is an area of the earth that the Earth's plates pushing against each other has caused  it to lift up out of the ground.   As I stood before the Swell it seriously looks like God stood above and said RISE, and the ground below came right up, and the mountains on the right also rose toward God, and the mountains on the left also rose up to God, and created a masterpiece.
May we also realize that God is telling us to RISE, and if we rise to the challenge he will also make masterpieces out of us and our lives.

2D Trailer at San Rafael Swell for Oculus VR Experience

Grab your VRHeadset, and join me on an adventure  at the San Rafael Swell - Little Spotted Wolf Canyon.  It has been proven that getting an awe moment in nature boosts the positive chemicals in your body helping you be happier.  So enjoy some great nature therapy to help yourself feel better and happier.  So grab that VR headset and enjoy some healing nature therapy in gorgeous Bryce Canyon National Park.  To find the VR Adventure, just type ShaunasAdventures in the main Oculus TV screen or in YouTubeVR, or you can use my Oculus Portfolio link.  

Information about Hike

  • 4 hours South of SLC - 1 hour min South West of Green River
  • Great for ALL Ages
  • The San Rafael Swell is unbelievably amazing and inspiring.  It was a treat to find this Slot Canyon in such a gorgeous area.    
  • Around 1-2 miles  depending on how long you want to go.
  • There is a natural Arch up high in this slot canyon you should search for. 
  • About 1620 feet elevation
  • Easy Hike - Level 2

360 Video of Little Spotted Wolf Canyon

Of course the best way to check this 360 video out, is to be transported there using Oculus TV or You Tube VR, or to toggle to the VR setting in the video below.  Remember this is a 360 video, so make sure you move around to see it all. 

YouTube VR Video for San Rafael Swell Virtual Adventure

Insta360 Video

Here is a link to a 2D Version of the above video if you don't want to miss my favorite spots and like 2D better.

San Rafael Swell Reef Rising up out of the ground.Utah
San Rafael Swell Reef Rising up out of the ground.

Below is a Video of the Reef Showing Both sides Rising to a point in the air above the center one.  It is fun to see the whole range and see this area UPWARD RISE.

As we were exploring the Reef, I found that it has a really amazing slot canyon right into the Reef.  I have had long discussions on the name of this canyon, and it really ended up being a long mess.  There is a big label on my Gaia Map saying this area is Moonshine Tanks, but on Google Maps, Moon Shine Tanks looks like it might be more South, or a general for this whole area.  A member on Bogley said that this is called Little Spotted Wolf Canyon, but when looking it up on Google Maps the Little Spotted Wolf canyon is North of I-50 about 20 miles and there is a Park Kiosk there saying that canyon is Spotted Wolf Canyon.  They say this is called LITTLE spotted wolf canyon which is different, but it confused me like crazy, and it definitely has confused Google Maps.  I have emailed the San Rafael Park Service to get a sign on this canyon to hopefully clear things up.  Hopefully it will happen.
So whether it is LITTLE Spotted Wolf canyon, or Moon Shine Tanks, we do know that this area was popular with bootleggers during the prohibition - thus its name. for this area and the area south of here.  Besides this canyon having Remnants from the Bootleggers and their activities, it also had a Sheep Bridge that was used to cross sheep up high across the canyon.  I did not see it, but it was still around in 1990.  I am not sure if I missed it, or if it is gone, but it would definitely be a fun find.  Below is a picture of the Slot Canyon I am heading into.
Pretty Pool Areas that would be gorgeous just after a storm just  outside the beginning of the Slot Canyon
Pretty Pool Areas that would be gorgeous just after a storm just  outside the beginning of the Slot Canyon

As I entered the Slot to Moonshine Tanks, there is a section of the wall that had little pocket size caves in the rock, and someone had found rocks just the right size for each pocket and built a fun village of rocks on the wall.  It was adorable.

Little Rock Village in the Rock Pockets in the cliff wall on the way into Moon Shine Tanks Slot Canyon.
Little Rock Village in the Rock Pockets in the cliff wall on the way into Moon Shine Tanks Slot Canyon.

AMP Web Story for VR Nature Vacation to Cathedral Valley 

AMP Web Story for VR 360 Cathedral Valley

Little Spotted Wolf Web Story

360 Degree Walk by the Rock Village and into the Moon Shine Tanks Slot Canyon

Inspirational Message:

It took me months of digging to verify the name of this fun canyon.  Shockingly some got angry with me for not just taking their word for it, when all I was searching for verification of truth.  Searching for truth should never be something that gets you persecuted.  I respect and admire anyone out there on any journey searching for truth, for there are so many lies being thrown at us. 

  Little Spotted Wolf canyon is nestled in the San Rafael Swell that is such an inspiring formation where the earth has lifted up and tried to reach for the sky. My analogy for you today, is that sometimes we need to dig and research to find truth in all the information that is out there, but as you look up and listen to your heart and the goodness that is above, you will find peace and find the truth you are searching for. Trust me that there is a God above who loves you dearly and would love to help you on your journey for truth and light.

VIDEO of cute Rock Village in Moon Shine Tanks Canyon

If you like this Pock Mark type Canyon, Crack Canyon also in San Rafael Swell is also FABULOUS!  One of my favorite Slot Canyons in this area. Definitely check it out when you are done here!  :)
Link for Crack Canyon


To get to this hike from Green River, Utah you go on UT24  to road 1010 by milepost 136 (opposite the side road to Goblin Valley.) It is a decent road for about the first 30 miles, but might not be a decent road after a storm.
Here is a Google Map link to the Trail Head.
 Link to Trailhead

 View of Trail Head

I think this Google Earth View might help to see it.  The Blue Line on the Bottom is my Google Earth Trail, and the Blue line on the top is I-70/50.  Here is the Link.  Of course you can click on any section of the blue line to see more of this area in 360 degrees.
 Moon Shine Tanks Google Earth Link

As far as difficulty goes, it is a super easy hike.  If slot canyons intimidate you, this is a really great place to start, for this is just amazing without getting too narrow or difficult.  The only difficult thing will be finding the trail head.

First Section of the Moon Shine Tanks or Little Spotted Wolf  Slot Canyon.  I love the vertical Column on the left.
First Section of the Moon Shine Tanks or Little Spotted Wolf  Slot Canyon.  I love the vertical Column on the left. 

360 Degree Google Earth Street View Trail at the above section of the trail.  You just nee to rotate it around to see the Vertical Column Rock above. 

Black Trail from Waterfall in the Middle Left of the picture in the Moon Shine Tanks Slot Canyon in the San Rafael Swell Reef
Black Trail from Waterfall in the Middle Left of the picture.

Here is a great post of this Moon Shine Tanks area with the Spring Flowers.  Such a fun variety, I am sad I missed them in bloom.
 Salt Lake Tribune article on San Rafael

I love how the above ground is Grey and orange with white veins running through it, and in front of me there is the most interesting section of pock marks in the cliff that I am not sure what caused such an interesting formation.

If you are a huge adventure buff, and are really great at navigating up and down 4-7 foot ups and downs and are at least a level 4 hiker, Ding and Dang Canyon is also in the San Rafael Swell and is super amazing, but TOUGH.  You can also check that out here when you are done with reading this one!
Link for Ding and Dang Slot Canyon

360 Trail of a section of this Hike

Interesting White ground on the trail of Moon Shine Tanks

If you like this area, try these books, and cute mug with the reef on it.

Another website with some good information about the hike.

The Interesting Diagonal Lines from the Swell Pushing up and this San Rafael Swell being pushed up and the Edge Reef Area going up diagonally up on top of the other tectonic plate in the earth. 

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Super Cool and Kid Friendly Slot Canyon.  Great for all ages.  Only draw back is that it can get busy.