Bartizan Arch at Cedar Breaks in 360 Degrees

Sunset at Cedar Breaks

Bartizan Arch at Cedar Breaks in 360 Degrees

I just love catching Cedar Breaks around mid July during the Flower Festival.  It is a beautiful locations, and this trip was especially memorable.  I loved watching the sunrise come up and light up areas of Cedar breaks, but as the sun started to rise a storm also started to roll in.  I kept having to decide, do I keep going to the arch as plan, or turn around.  I kept going even though the wind started to pick up, and the clouds started to darken, yet there was blue skies behind me, so I kept going.  I was so glad I did, for only a few minutes after almost turning around I got to enjoy a beautiful rainbow.  During this time in the world where things feel like the darkness is creeping in and getting overwhelming, I believe that there is beautiful wonderful things in the future.  Just hold on to hope and don't give in to the darkness.  There is rainbows and beauty in the future. 

Use a VR Headset to Transport Yourself on a Road Trip to some Magical Places.  First to Noah’s Ark, Vermillion Castle & Hidden Haven Waterfall in Dixie National Forest, then to photographers favorite viewpoints of Cedar Breaks National Monument & Horseshoe Bend.  Then we will do a sunrise hike to DevilsBridge that looks like an entrance to a Fairy Kingdom, and then we will head to Fay Trail in the Secret Forest to see something magical.  From there we will watch Sunrise over the Grand Canyon in the Spring from the Desert Watchtower.  Our last spot will be journeying into the depths of the epic Buckskin Gulch slot canyon to find the Dragon.  So what are you waiting for?  Grab your VR Headset and transport yourself into this magical road trip with me that is sure to make you smile and give your day a positive boost.

Oculus Quest Headset Links

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Oculus Portfolio Link for access to all my VR Nature Vacations

YouTubeVR Links Roadtripping to Sedona's Fairyland & Grand Canyon.

VR 360 Video of Roadtripping to Sedona's Fairylands & Grand Canyon. 
 If you are not watching in a VR Headset, make sure you move around so you can see everything, or put it in a Google Cardboard  and the YouTube Mobile App so you can still be transported there.  A Google Cardboard can be purchased for less than $10.  

 If you are interested in chasing this beautiful location here is a map location. 

Map Location

VR 360 Video for VR Headset that will transport you here to Cedar Breaks.

My second treat I had on this trail was at Ramparts Overlook.  As I approached the Ramparts overlook, there was a Huge Wise Old Marmot watching the sunrise.  He and I sat there together for over 10 minutes just watching the sun rise.  I have to admit, that I was a little surprise to see an animal like that enjoying the beauties of the earth just like me.  I kind of felt of little bit of a connection with that Big Marmot, and I am secretly really hoping I can join him again for a sunrise in the future. :)

Sunrise at Cedar Breaks
Sunrise at Cedar Breaks

Bartizan Arch 

If you keep going past Spectra and Ramparts Overlook past the end of trail sign, there is a nice trail that goes about 1.5 miles further to Bartizan Arch.  To me it appears from most angles to be a double arch, but it you see if from a different angle, it is a triple arch.  Definitely well worth it to keep going on the trail to enjoy this fun arch.   The trail is pretty easy to follow, so if you feel like you are making your own trail, then go back a little ways, watch for the Cairns, and get yourself back on the correct trail. It's there. 
Bartizan Arch Cedar Breaks
Bartizan Arch Cedar Breaks

360 Video of Bartizan Arch

This is a 360 video, which means you need to take control and move it around to see everything.  The best way to view is on a VR Heasdset.  You can view on a VR Headset using the toggle mode on the bottom right, or you can view it on YourTubeVR, or Oculus TV. 

Selfie at Bartizan Arch
Selfie at Bartizan Arch

2D Version of Video above if you want help to find the Cool Stuff

Information About Bartizan Arch Trail

  • Trail is 5-6 miles long. 
  • It is Moderate difficulty and is appropriate for kids ages 8 and up.
  • Flowers are best here around mid July.
  • Gain is about 1200 ft. 
  • I have read that following the AllTrails trail is incorrect, so just watch for the trail and Cairns.
  • To get to Bartizan Arch, just take the trail to Spectra and Rampart Overlook.  When you get to Ramparts, there is a sign that says End of trail, but there is a trail just to the side of it.  Funny enough, that is the trail to start to get to Bartizan Arch. 
Here is a Map of Cedar Breaks

2D Trailer for Cedar Breaks Immersive Video

Wildflowers at Cedar Breaks

Cedar Breaks is known for its Wildflower Festival.  When you find those special gorgeous spots for wildflowers with Cedar Break in the background it is something truly special, but I have found that is varies dramatically from year to year.  Two years ago, I was sold on Alpine Pond trail, for I found the most flowers and best shots there.  This year, I was disappointed with Alpine Pond Trail, but found some amazing shots on this trail to Bartizan Arch.  I even found out that if you come earlier in the spring you might not get as many wildflowers, but you get a waterfall along the trail.  I had so many wonderful wildflower pictures, but here are my favorites. 

White Columbine Cluster at Cedar Breaks Flower Festival
White Columbine Cluster at Cedar Breaks Flower Festival

Purple Flowers with beautiful Columns in background at Cedar Breaks
Purple Flowers with beautiful Columns in background at Cedar Breaks 

A purple bell shaped flower at Cedar Breaks
A purple bell shaped flower at Cedar Breaks

White Flower Cluster with Cedar Breaks behind.
White Flower Cluster with Cedar Breaks behind.

Sunrise at Cedar Breaks Ramparts Spectra Trail

Sunset at Cedar Breaks

Sunset at Cedar Breaks

Video at Sunset

360 Trail at Spectra Point Overlook

I made this GoogleEarth Trail on my previous trip.  It was a funny trip, for it had rained lit crazy the previous night, and so the trail was muddy.  Normally mud doesn't bother me, but here it is a nightmare.  It cakes on your shoes in layers until you are rocking on 4 inch platforms of mud on the bottom of your shoes.   This place is so beautiful, but the compression on it can be cruel if you are on a mobile device.  I would suggest viewing the below Street View Trail on a computer to see the details.  If you want to view in a VR Headset, click on the View on the GoogleEarth app. 

Sunrise Lighting up Sections of Cedar Breaks
Sunrise Lighting up Sections of Cedar Breaks

This is the beginning of the hike.  On Spectra Point hike in Cedar breaks, you hike along the edge of the big bowl, and look down into all the amazing formations inside the bowl.  If you want to view in VR, just click on the View on Google Maps.

Cedar Breaks National Park
Beautiful White Orange Contrast at Cedar Breaks National Park
Rain starting to fall while Sunrise is still fighting to light up  Cedar Breaks.
Rain starting to fall while Sunrise is still fighting to light up Cedar Breaks. 

360 Trail at Spectra Overlook

I love the Green Orange Contrast here at Cedar Breaks
I love the Green Orange Contrast here at Cedar Breaks.  It is gorgeous!

If you liked this area and would like to see more, click on the GoogleEarth Link
Spectra Point Overlook- GoogleEarth

then click on the little dude, and then click on any blue dot where you want to see more.

Here is a 360 I took at Cedar Breaks early this year with the snow.  There is something magical about this place when you have the contrast of the snow and the deep red rocks.

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This hike was very enjoyable.  I would suggest going down during their flower festival, for it is fun to see all the amazing wild flowers in bloom.  Two things I have that are the most useful to me when I am out hiking is my Pixel Phone, and an External GPS.  I Download maps of where I am going on both Google Maps and Gaia GPS, and then my External GPS, helps me so I don't get lost.  I love this duo, and would highly suggest it to anyone.  I just love my Pixel phone and my GPS is so great!